Monday, June 30, 2014

Rest in Peace, Frank Robinson

Very sad news today. Frank Robinson, collector, writer, activist, and overall icon and beloved human being, died this morning at the age of 87. I did not know Frank but have known about him for years. His magnificent book PULP CULTURE, was one of the first "major" books I found on the topic of pulp fiction, and it completely blew my mind. I have yet to find a more beautiful book on the subject of pulp fiction covers. Frank was also very proud of his small role in the move MILK (2008). His massive collection of pulp magazines was auctioned off a few years ago. Rest in Peace, Frank.

Any of you who wish to leave your comments on your memories of Frank, feel free to do so.

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Barry Traylor said...

This was quite a shock when I learned about it.

Walker Martin said...

Barry check out the Mystery File blog hosted by Steve Lewis. I knew Frank Robinson for many years through our correspondence and Pulpcon. I recount my pulp memories of Frank over the years.

The old timers who actually bought the pulps off the newsstands are disappearing. Even though I didn't start buying until 1956, I'm one of them! I bought SCIENCE FICTION QUARTERLY in '56 when it was still in pulp format.

Alfred Jan said...

This is sad news indeed. Frank helped me during my early pulp collecting days, and gave generous advice. He was modest about his many achievements and was truly a class act.