Monday, January 20, 2014


We are DYING for water here in California. Well, maybe not dying, but the lack of rain getting pretty serious. I love rain to begin with, and not having any at all is making me slightly crazy. I know some of you who are under 6 feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures are thinking, "what, are you complaining about sunny weather??" Why yes. Yes, I am.

This is the lowest amount of rain we've have for any year on record. The lack of rain has made the air in Los Angeles dangerously polluted and more and more people are going to hospitals with respiratory problems. Fires are breaking out every day. And it's warm - very warm. Between 75 to 80 degrees every day. I know it will sound selfish, but I am REALLY glad I don't live in the Santa Clarita Valley anymore. The fire danger up there is very, very real, even in normal years.

Other than jump on a plane and fly to the east coast, there's not much I can do about it. Governor Brown declared a drought emergency yesterday; some areas in Northern California like Humboldt only have 30 days of reserve left, while here in Los Angeles apparently we have enough water to get us to 2015. (How ironic is it that that rainy counties would only have 30 days left.) I'm sure we'll be rationing water even here, though, and very soon.

What I can do is share some pulp covers that have a desert, heat, or lack of water theme, and sometimes with a Bedouin thrown in. While looking for these, I found that looking for cold/snow covers was a lot easier. I guess snow and ice lend themselves to better story telling.

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Walker Martin said...

Watch CHINATOWN with Jack Nicholson as the private eye. All about the LA water wars and political corruption.

Two of my meals require a lot of water. Coffee with breakfast, water with lunch, beer or wine with dinner.

Barry Traylor said...

Being a reader of history books I find this sort of thing quite disturbing as I keep thinking about the dust bowl of the 1930's and the decade long drought that caused it. I know a couple that used to live in Colorado and when I visited them years ago the husband was complaining about water rights, etc. and that was 20 years ago.

Also what many people forget it is that much of the West is desert, not that it all looks like Monument Valley but it isn't not the wettest part of the country.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for all you Californians.

Tom Johnson said...

My parents raised two daughters during the Dust Bowl. Thankfully, I didn't arrive until 1940. But Texas is still dry. This year we were 10 inches below normal, last year 15 inches below normal. All of this area is suffering for water too. No watering the yards, except with well water, and that may cease soon.