Wednesday, January 29, 2014

LOVE STORY, February 20, 1937

I thought this was a particularly lovely cover. The February 20, 1937 issue. Artist: Modest Stein.

This issue had two serials:

"An Honest Woman" by Ruth Lyons. Part One of Four Parts
"Conflict" by Edna E. Davies. Part Six of Seven Parts

Seven Novelettes and Short Stories:

"Look Into My Eyes" by Helen G. Wright
"Can't We Be Lovers?" by Margaret Littell
"Ship of Dreams" by Lucile Welch
"Romantic Lover" by Pauline Crawford
"Stormy Hearts" by Rose M. Keep
"Radiant Flame" by Brigid O'Farrel
"Because They Quarreled" by Kenneth Pearce (pseudonym of Kenneth Batten)

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Barry Traylor said...

Years ago for some reason I thought Modest Stein was a woman. This was of course before the internet and wonderful sites like David Saunders Field Guide to Pulp Artists.
Perhaps you have answer for this question, I have long assumed that most of the writers that wrote for the romance pulps were men writing under pen names. Of course there were more than a few women that wrote for the SF/Fantasy pulps like Leigh Brackett and C.L. Moore.

Laurie Powers said...

I'm still doing research on this but from what I can tell it's a mixed bag, and many, many women wrote for LOVE STORY. So it wasn't strictly men writing under pen names.