Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pulp Reprint Releases and Announcements

Here's some of the latest news on pulp reprints and coming soon attractions.There is plenty of new reading material out there to satisfy any pulp enthusiast, regardless of what your favorite genre is.

A new reprint of FROM DEEP WATERS: THE COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF THE MAJOR, VOLUME 1, is now available from Altus Press. The first twelve stories of The Major (AKA Aubrey St. John Major) as they appeared in SHORT STORIES are in this first volume. Included are an introduction by Ed Hulse, an article by Archibald Bittner on the author, L. Patrick Greene, as well as correspondence from Greene. FROM DEEP WATERS is available at amazon.

Another new Altus Press release is THE MASKED RIDER ARCHIVES, Volume 1, by Oscar Schisgall and William H. Stueber, with an introduction by Will Murray. This one isn't out yet, but will be coming soon. Here's the cover:

Altus Press has been on fire lately with the number of releases they've had over the past few months, including collections on the Foreign Legion, the Green Ghost, Senorita Scorpion, Secret Agent X, and of course who can forget Doc Savage. For more releases, go to their website; trust me, the number of releases and the quality of the work is mind-blowing. I don't know how Matt does it.

A very exciting event is taking place in New York on January 27 - a panel celebrating the 75th anniversary of Superman. It's being held at the Center for Jewish History, and my friend and partner in crime Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, who's grandfather was the co-founder of the company that became DC Comics, will be one of the panel members. The Center's website describes the event:

"How has Superman managed to thrive for 75 years and counting, long enough to rank him as America's most enduring hero of the last century? What did Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel have in mind when they brought Superman to life? What answers does Jerry Siegel's newly-discovered memoir offer? And, who knew that Superman was Jewish?

Experts on the superhero including his biographer, writers, and artists and publishers will gather to discuss these and other questions related to one of the most enduring cultural figures of the last century."

You can also check out the article that appeared in the New York Times here.

And there are two very exciting Paul Powers announcements coming soon - but I'll save those for the next post. :)

I'd like to start doing these kind of announcements on a regular basis; if any of you have new reprints you'd like announced, please send me the information. (reprints only, please - not new pulp.) I've been out of the loop lately so if you've released something in the past few months and want it covered, go ahead and send in the info.

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Walker Martin said...

Laurie, I hope you continue these announcements about the new pulp reprints as they are published. I just recently received The Major collection and it is the first volume of several. Altus Press is doing amazing work.

Also I see that John Locke of Off Trail Press has just released a new collection of J.Allan Dunn short novels. Another must buy.

I saw Ed Hulse today and he is busy getting some more great books ready for Windy City, including the sequel to BAREHANDED CASTAWAYS and the new expanded edition of his book on the pulp magazines.

There are some exciting projects happening in 2013 and this should be another great year for the pulp reprints.

Richard R. said...

I too hope you keep them up, Laurie. I look in on Black Dog, Altus, Haffner and other publisher's sites, but not frequently enough to catch everything new. I DO wish I had shelf room for all those books I want, though.