Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hunting Down the Holy Grail of Pulp Mags -

And what is the Holy Grail, you might ask? It's this October 1912 issue of ALL-STORY, containing the story "Tarzan and the Apes."

It's all but impossible to find a copy of this issue anymore, and when they are found, they can go for tens of thousands- it's not usual to see over $50,000 paid for a good copy. It might be safe to assume that it's so rare, that this scan, which I pulled from Galactic Central, is probably a scan of a photo pulled from a book.

Walker Martin announced to the world yesterday that now he has not one copy of this issue, but now he has acquired a second copy.

His story as to how he managed to have two copies is over at the Mystery File. Congratulations, Walker.

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Walker Martin said...

For those collectors who wish to impress their non-collecting spouses, replica reprint copies of the October 1912 issue are available on ebay and

How will this impress them? You can say that you just saved thousands of dollars!

R.M. Smith said...


old guy rambling said...

Good stuff, this is why print books will live one--some may be worth a lot some day. Wish I owned one of these $50,000 books