Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post-Christmas Check In

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I traveled up to northern California and stayed with my sister and her husband and, as I mentioned before, this was a special trip as I took ALL of my animals with me.

I was a little nervous about the drive. One of my dogs, Ed, is 18 years old and I wasn't sure if a) he could handle the 5 hour trip and b) he would do it without having an 'accident' and c) if he would be able to go up and down the dog ramp without problems. I had worked with both Annie and Ed in the days before the trip to get them used to the ramp, but Ed is frail, with weak back legs. But I needn't have worried; both of them handled the trip like champs and tackled the ramp with gusto. As for accidents, Ed had one before we even got out of Los Angeles, calling for a quick stop to clean up. "Well, at least we got that out of the way," I thought. As for the kitty, Chloe, she slept the entire trip.

It was a wonderful visit, one of the few times in the past few years that we were all together for Christmas. The dogs behaved (well, Annie insisted on sitting on my sister's leather couch which made me a little nervous) and everyone fell in love with Ed.

Now I feel refreshed and ready to tackle all of my projects in the new year. I'm happy that I'm finally writing again. Last year I was in a funk the entire year. Enough said about that. Onward.

I hope all of you had a good holiday. What did you all do, and for those of you back east, was the weather a deterrent at all?

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Bill Crider said...

Nice photo! Love the dogs, especially the dalmatian. We were lucky enough to have several dalmatians when I was growing up. Great dogs, every one.

Barry Traylor said...

Wonderful that Chloe slept the entire trip. My 1st wife and I once went on vacation taking out Siamese cat along. You have not lived until you have heard the howl of a Siamese cat for 3 hours. She was a wonderful cat other than the small problem of not being over fond of riding in a car. I think she thought she was on the way to the Vet.

Laurie Powers said...

Bill, Ed the dalmatian is 18 years old. Did yours have that kind of longevity? Just curious - wondering if it's the breed.

Barry, on the ride home Chloe was really howling the first hour. I covered up her cage with my coat, except for a few holes, but I kept the opening next to where she could see me clear. She still howled. I then covered up that opening so she couldn't see me and only then did she shut up and went to sleep. I think she was figuring as long as she could see me she could try to wear me down.

Walker Martin said...

I'm very glad to read your comment about being ready to pursue your projects and begin writing, etc. I'm looking forward to reading more about Daisy Bacon and LOVE STORY. Happy New Year Laurie.

Laurie Powers said...

Thank you Walker. Happy New Year to you too.

Oscar said...

Traveling with a Siamese cat is pure torture. Like Barry said, it thinks it's going to the Vet and get tortured. I've heard that bigger dogs don't live to be 18 years old. You're very lucky and the dog looks great.