Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some Good Pulp Resources Out There

For those of you who don't know about it yet, there's a fantastic new blog for pulp fans called Pulp Flakes. It has long, insightful essays on writers, like this one on W.C. Tuttle and even provides download links to pulp stories. Between Pulp Flakes, the Mystery File, and Ed's material and blog over at Murania Press, pulp fans will have lots of reading material. And don't forget the PulpFest website, which has loads of links to reading material.

Speaking of Murania Press, I just ordered a copy of the BLOOD & THUNDER WESTERN MOVIE ROUNDUP. It looks to be really fantastic, just another of Ed's high quality publications. I think he's on a roll with his new web site.

Which is good, because as you know, I have been really absent lately. I've got the Daisy Bacon project in my back pocket, but I have to admit I've been in a major funk lately. I don't want to go into all the details, but I'm looking forward to next month when I go to PulpFest. It'll be good to get away and also meet up with my friends from the pulp world. I know I mentioned before that I decided not to go, but I'm really happy I changed my mind.

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Randy Vanderbeek said...

Glad to see you said "to Hell with it" and decided to come. After all, there are only 2 large Pulp Conventions per year and you already missed Windy City. You will have no regrets in coming. There is no substitute for really being at a convention. See you there!

Ed Hulse said...

We (the PulpFest committee) are also happy you changed your mind.

Thanks, again, for the nice words about the new Murania Press offerings. Will be posting another blog update tomorrow (Monday), but that'll be the only one this week as I leave Wednesday for the 35th annual Western Film Fair in Winston Salem, North Carolina. That's where I'll be formally debuting BNT'S WESTERN MOVIE ROUNDUP and BNT'S CLIFFHANGER CLASSICS.

Walker Martin said...

That is certainly great news about you deciding to attend PulpFest. I only missed a couple Pulpcons but I still regret doing so even all these years later.

In addition to the pulpish sites listed above, I would also strongly recommend ROUGH EDGES, which is hosted by author James Reasoner. If he hadn't been born so late, he would have been a major pulp author. His site is at

Barry Traylor said...

Speaking as 1/4th of the PulpFest Commitee we're happy you are attending also,

Cap'n Bob said...

I'm glad you're going and wish I could be there, even though I'm not really a pulp reader (love the covers, though).

Sai S said...

Thanks for the article and link to my blog ( Made my day.

Sai S