Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photos of the Garden

Yesterday I went out after work and took some photos of my garden; I figured I better do it now - in a few months the summer heat will have taken over and it definitely will look a little peaked. I'm really enjoying the garden this year - last year was the first planting and many of the plants, especially the roses, are much more robust this year now that they've had some time to settle. I now have between 15 and 20 rose bushes in the back, and about 5 in the front.

Here are some of the photos, with a few of Annie mixed in.

Here is the Barbra Streisand rose - just acquired this year. The fragrance is simply divine, dahling.

One of my favorite roses - a gift from my aunt. Don't know the name.

A few years ago I acquired this purple-painted medicine chest at a garage sale. On a whim I put it in the garden and gave the stone kitty something to look at.

This is Scentimental.

The next two are Lady of the Dawn...another gift and another favorite.

It's amazing how quickly the foxgloves have grown.

This was a miniature bought at Trader Joe's. Most of the minatures are now 2-3 feet high.

Aquilegia (or Columbine)

Another acquisition this year: Wild Blue Yonder. Very fragrant.

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Joanne Walpole said...

Lovely :-)

Deka Black said...

Wonderful garden! But hthe best are the last photo with Annie. She looks very happy!

Barry Traylor said...

Very nice. I especially like the touch of whimsy with the stone cat and the medicine chest. My wife Lynn likes things like that also. She is a bit depressed that she can't get out and plant in her garden this Spring due to her hip surgery.

Richard R. said...

I left a long comment yesterday, and it's gone. I'll try again. The garden looks lovely, I was remembering how sad you were to be leaving the garden at your last place, and this looks even better. Wonderful roses, and the foxglove look great too, just don't let Annie eat them!

Our garden is coming too, no roses yet, but the Foxgloves are starting to bloom, as are the Delphiniums.

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks, all. Nice to hear from Jo and Deka - it's been a while!

Barry, I hope Lynn starts feeling better soon. Maybe she could do just a little? It's very therapeutic.

Rick - I know, I saw your first post and then when I went to respond to it, it was gone and I have no idea why. Anyway. The Scentimental Rose - I thought for a while that maybe it was a George Burns, but it's definitely a Scentimental. Which is ironic, because the fragrance is very light. And thankfully Annie has never been interested in eating any of the flowers. She only wants to eat grass - drives me crazy.

Ron Scheer said...

Looks great. Big change (and fast) from when you had to move the old garden. We had a new landscaping done a year ago here in the desert, and almost everything but the Mexican birds of paradise is in bloom. Prickly pear blossoms appeared just yesterday...Grass-eating, btw, can be a sign of gastric distress in dogs.