Thursday, May 3, 2012

Independent Bookstores Across America at

Why no one has thought of this before, I'll never know. has started a map of Independent Bookstores Across America. Underneath the map are short summaries of each store with their address and links to their websites. To check it out, and/or to add bookstores to the map, go here. To add your bookstore, leave a comment. I noticed that they didn't yet have any of the stores in Long Beach, CA, so I left that information. Let's definitely keep this going. It's important that for it to be successful that it be as complete as possible. Thanks to Megan Abbott and Bill Crider for the tip! Bookmark and Share


Alfred Jan said...

Great post, Laurie. One reason I like going to Windy City are the many brick and mortar used bookstores in Chicago compared to San Jose. One store, Myopic Books, has four floors of used books! Nothing like that exists in the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Richard R. said...

Well, Kate Deire of the then Cluelass website published a pocket sized print edition of this for years, updated annually. It was a wonderful reference when traveling.