Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Western Readers: More Items on eBay

In my continuing spring cleaning efforts (see previous post on "What am I doing with all this stuff"?), I posted a few items last night on eBay that may be of interest to Western enthusiasts.

I may post more items in the future - it all depends on how ruthless I get. I hate selling these, but my life has been fairly transient over the past five years and there's always a chance that I may have to move again. The last time I packed these books, I looked at many of them and saw that the only time I've pulled them out of the bookcase is to put them in a moving box. That was a big wake-up call.

Of course there are many books that I will never get rid of, such as those that belonged to my grandfather or that were gifts. But these have served their purpose.


"Brands from the famous and the infamous, from the Duke of Windsor to Pancho Villa, are described and illustrated, as are brands used exclusively by the United States Government - the almost-lost grands and systems used by the horse cavalry and the Department of Indian Affairs-- and the California Mission Brands." With an introduction by the renowned western historian and author Ramon Adams.

William Hart's autobiography MY LIFE EAST AND WEST.

This is a hard-to-find edition of MY LIFE - EAST AND WEST by William S. Hart, This is the edition sold at Hart's Historical House and Park. The portrait on the cover is a painting by Charles Russell; the original painting is at the house. This was my personal copy, read only once.

Sampler of 5 vintage western paperback books

A lot of the following titles: LOST STAGE VALLEY, by Frank Bonham; TEXAS TRIGGERS by Eugene Cunningham; HIGH POCKETS, by Herbert Shappiro; THE COVERED WAGON, by Emerson Hough; and THE ABILENE SAMSON by W.R. Burnett.


A lovely copy of the 1931 edition.


This is a first edition, published in 2000, with stories by the following:
Wallace Stegner, Dave Hickey, Dao Strom, Dagoberto Gilb, William Hauptman, Jack Kerouac, Ron Hansen, Dianna Ossana, Robert Boswell, Tom McGuane, Louise Erdrich, Max Apple, Mark Jue Poirier, Rick Bass, Jon Billman, Richard Ford, Raymond Carver, Annie Proulx, Leslie Marmom Silko, and William H. Gass.

Good luck if you're going to bid!

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Walker Martin said...

Good grief!, if Laurie is not careful she will be like many women I know, more interested in cleaning up the clutter than in collecting the books!

I say let's have more books and pulps, not less!

Alfred Jan said...

Come on Walker, show some empathy here. Laurie's life situation is different from yours; can you imagine moving your entire collection every couple of years? Not everybody is ensconced in a long term residence housing a huge collection.

Walker Martin said...

Alfred, if Laurie heard me say anything other than buy, buy, buy, she would think that an alien or robot had taken over and I was no longer the insane collector that she has always known.

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks for the support, Alfred - ha. Yes, I know Walker cannot relate to this at all. Walker, do you know about the Sir John Soane house/museum in London? Kind of reminds me of you - I may have to post some photos from it.

Richard R. said...

Glad I won my try, looking forward to reading the book.