Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Story of Jynx and Kyle

Most of you know of the great love I have for German Shepherd Dogs. Today I want to share an incredible story about a police K9 named Jynx and his partner Kyle Pagerly, who was killed in the line of duty.

Jynx has been nominated for the 2012 HERO DOG AWARD given by the American Humane Society. Here's is Jynx's story, from the American Humane Society's Hero Dogs website:

On 6/29/11 Berks County Deputy Sheriff K-9 Handler Kyle Pagerly was shot and killed while attempting to execute a warrant.

Upon arrival the suspect’s girlfriend did not inform the officers that he possessed a high-powered rifle and was prepared to die. As they ascended the mountain, Pagerly and his K-9 partner Jynx, came upon an elevation in the terrain. The suspect, who was dressed in full camouflage with multiple weapons, lay prone on the ridge. Jynx alerted to the suspects position and ran up the hill forcing the suspect to abandon his cover. As he stood, his rifle was pointed at Pagerly. He ignored an order from Pagerly to drop his weapon. Gunfire was exchanged and Pagerly was struck.

Pagerly’s K-9 partner Jynx, attempted to pull Pagerly down the mountain and out of harm’s way. Jynx also attempted to pull another officer to safety that was rendering assistance to Pagerly. If it would not have been for the actions of Jynx, many other officers would have lost their lives that day.

Jynx and Kyle performed several hundred demos throughout the county. They had a very special bond that will never be forgotten by the citizens. Jynx continues to carry on that legacy making appearances and warming the hearts of many.

Jynx is now retired and continues to live with Kyle’s wife and their new born baby girl. Kyle’s wife was only a few weeks pregnant with their first child when he died. Kyle was only 28 years old.

If you'd like to vote for Jynx to win the 2012 Hero Dog Award, go to the website and vote - you can go back and vote for your choice every day.

The following poem was written by Cheryl Goede, who is co-founder of The German Shepherd Dog Community on Facebook which, last time I checked, had 70,000 followers. Cheryl, who is also a Law Enforcement Officer, and her husband and family have several German Shepherds and a Belgian Malinois.

Twice the Hero
~By Cheryl Goede

A bond like theirs is forever,
something people don’t often see,
but if you were ever in their presence,
you would absolutely agree.

That the relationship? They were partners,
the motivation wasn’t due,
to any calculated obligation,
it was just something that they knew.

That if there was any trouble,
together goodness they would guide,
as long as they both worked as one,
evil intentions would be denied.

This was something they believed in both day in and day out,
it was something that was needed,
they couldn’t harbor any doubts.

For two heroes working together they always
kept the crooks in line,
they knew that they must keep working
and never stop deterring crime.

But it wasn’t always about work,
afterwards they headed home,
to a life outside of the J.O.B, they were family,
that was known.

Theirs was truly a happy home and
all anticipated expectantly,
the coming of a new addition, a new member of their family.

Both were content with the living of
their everyday fulfilling existence,
there was nothing more they wished for than to push themselves to daily go the distance.

Until the day they got that call,
to respond they were duty bound,
never knowing that the life they loved
was about to come unwound.

They suited up, they met their comrades,
they began to infiltrate,
the lair of a sleeping monster whose life
was twisted up with hate.

As they approached their last battleground,
as one together they both trod,
never knowing soon that one of them would
see the face of God.

The brave K9 officer sensed that there was
something that lie in wait,
and he began to sound the warning
hoping his proclamation was not too late.

The team realized that something was wrong
and they all stopped and paused as one,
but despite his valiant efforts the murderer’s
catastrophic plan had begun.

As all began to watch in horror a haze of gunfire began to fly,
and the brave K9 could not believe his master fell before his very eyes.

His pain was the dog’s pain, and brave Jynx somehow knew,
that even though there was little hope,
still there was something he must do.

He refused to leave his master’s side
even though the bullets continued to fly,
they were simply a mere annoyance to him
because with every fiber of his being he had to try.

He grabbed ahold of his fallen master’s clothes
and pulled valiantly,
and tried to drag his partner away, into the arms of safety.

And then when the gunfire ceased and the quiet stillness fell,
he felt the sorrow in the air and a wave of grief began to swell.

For in losing his friend and partner, he had lost his very life,
and had lost his sense of purpose the whole meaning drowned in strife.

But soon there was a spark of hope, because the good people decided to give, the faithful K9 back to his human mother where he had always lived.

He held tight to the sense of comfort and the all encompassing feelings of love, that she had always bestowed and he knew were sent down from above.

His heart began to heal from the tragic
events that happened that night,
he had found a new purpose, and a new meaning to his life.

He knew he must watch out for his mistress
to her his heart must be true,
to honor his master’s memory,
such actions were certainly due.

In time he knew that peace would come as he
would faithfully stand in guard,
of those his partner left behind
it would show his infinite regard.

But there will still always be a part of him
that wishes it had been him who had sacrificed,
he would rather have been the one to go
he would have readily paid that price.

But because the choice wasn’t his to make,
there was nothing he could do,
he knew he had to forge a new path and start a life anew.

For his mistress and the baby child to be
he will with every second of his life guide,
and would only act in such a way that would
inspire his partner’s pride.

And when this faithful dog’s time on earth has run its course a hero’s welcome he will get,
as he will be able to tell his partner
that he had paid up any debts.

Because a bond like theirs is forever,
something people don’t often see,
and as part of God’s heavenly guard,
eternal partners they will be.

~Cheryl Goede

You can find The German Shepherd Dog Community on Facebook here.

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Ron Scheer said...

Many thanks for this heroic story.

Barry Traylor said...

This story is so sad.

Laurie Powers said...

It's sad but also kind of inspiring in a way, that these kind of partnerships are formed between officers and their dogs. It's amazing how intuitive these dogs are - they have saved so many lives too.

Cap'n Bob said...

You know I love the breed. Thanks for the story, sad as it is.

Barry Traylor said...

I keep thinking that the police officer was just about the age I was when my son was born. And his little girl will never know her Father who sounds like an exceptional person.

Charles Gramlich said...

What an incredible story. Dogs are the best of us.