Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Anybody want some WILD WEST WEEKLYs? I just put up for auction on ebay a lot of 21 issues of WWW, with issues ranging from 1933 to 1943.

They are all in good condition. Only one has a cover that is starting to separate from the spine. All of them have their back covers. A lot of them appear to never have been read.

Why am I selling these? First of all, none of these have any Paul Powers stories in them. They were collected over the years as part of lots that we purchased when we were hunting down Paul Powers stories. And I have enough WWWs that have Paul Powers stories to keep me plenty busy reading for many many years.

I'm also on a de-cluttering kind of kick. How many of you have looked around your house at some point and thought, "How the hell did I get all this stuff, and why???"

Rather than selling these piecemeal, I'd rather just sell them as a lot and be done with it.

Buyer pays postage, and I weighed these suckers and it'll run about 8 pounds. If you want them parcel post, it'll be around $15.00 for shipping. That's an estimate - it may be less.

While you're over there, I do have some other books and back issues of magazines for sale.

The ebay listing has a list of all the issue dates.

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Walker Martin said...

Laurie, it is perfectly normal for a book or pulp collector to look around the house and wonder "How the hell did I get all this stuff and why?" I've been asking this question for 55 years. In my case, I always got busy and bought more books.

My advice then, is to buy more!

Evan Lewis said...

Dang. Wish I was rich.

Oscar said...

I've about pushed myself out of the bedroom with the all books laying around. Don't know where I would put a stack like that.