Sunday, March 25, 2012

Report on Mission Hills Paperback Show

Today I went to the Paperback Show in Mission Hills that I've been telling you about. Despite the downpour of rain from the biggest storm this entire year there was a good turnout. I can always tell whether there's going to be a good turnout by the number of people that have to park in the overflow lot behind the hotel, and today was no exception.

But this year was somewhat of a disappointment for me as there was almost no pulps for sale. There was one dealer that I could see that had pulps of any number, and those probably totaled two boxes of DOC SAVAGEs and some science fiction. Another dealer had a smattering of WEIRD TALES. It wasn't my imagination either. I met up with Paul Bishop from Bish's Beat, and the first thing he mentioned was the lack of pulps for sale. This was a huge turnaround from last year when there were several dealers with many boxes of pulps for sale.

My only pulp-ish purchase was a WEIRD TALES anthology. For the first time since I can remember, I came home with most of my money still in my pocket.

Paperback fans probably had a great day at the show. Pulp fans, I'm sure, were disappointed.

Perhaps it's time for a West Coast pulp show, folks.

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Alfred Jan said...

I live in the San Jose area and used to attend that Paperback show, and was usually disappointed over the lack of pulps. That is why I did not go this time either. I agree there should be a West Coast pulp convention, but I am not holding my breath.

Bill said...

I had the same reaction. I hadn't attended before, but had heard great reports in the past. I got there between 9-9:30 and spent only about 30 minutes wandering around before I felt I'd seen everything. (Plus, I had to be back over in San Bernardino around noon.)

I did pick up the second volume of Mike Ashley's The History of the Science Fiction Magazine. I wasn't really looking for it, but have had the first volume since the early '80s.

The only magazine I was intrigued enough to buy was a 1918 issue of THE POPULAR MAGAZINE.

I found nothing on my wants list, though.