Thursday, March 15, 2012

Orange Pulp: Major Exhibit on the Pulp Fiction Magazine Opens in NY

A great new exhibit on pulp fiction has opened in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Called "Orange Pulp: the Pulp Magazine & Contemporary Culture," it is running through April 12 at Syracuse University's Palitz Gallery.

The New York Times ran an article on the exhibit today, and it starts with:

"COMIC book characters like Superman and Spider-Man have inspired devoted fans and been celebrated and vilified as they’ve leapt from printed page to live-action films, animated series, musicals and memorabilia. Yet were the pulps, those throwaway dime-store magazines of old, the forebears of such passionately followed multimedia crossovers? The exhibition “Orange Pulp: the Pulp Magazine & Contemporary Culture” makes a strong case.

The show, running through April 12 at Syracuse University’s Palitz Gallery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, is an introduction to the world of pulp, the mass-produced magazines mainly from the first half of the 20th century that were known for their bold covers, melodramatic narratives, low price (typically 10 cents) and cheap paper. “Orange Pulp” focuses on the writers, mostly men, who created their sometimes lurid tales, their publishers and the audiences who devoured them. The exhibition encompasses more than 60 works from the Syracuse Library’s Special Collections Research Center and includes letters, photographs, manuscripts, paintings, and, of course, pulp magazines."

Also featured in the exhibit are paintings by Norman Saunders, the artist behind more than 860 pulp magazine covers, more than 50 of which are in the university’s collection.

The first reviews are in on the exhibit and they are very positive. So if you're in the area over the next month, definitely check it out.

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Walker Martin said...

This show is a must if you live near the NYC area.

At one time I used to own several pieces of Norman Saunders original art from the pulps and men's adventure magazines. Now, I'm down to one painting which was used on the cover of a western pulp and later, on the cover of an Ace Double Western.

David Saunders has published a big book about the art of Norman Saunders. It's been discounted and is inexpensive. It's full of great pulp art and I highly recommend the book.