Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just in Time for Valentine's Day: An Original LOVE STORY

I'm very proud to show off my first piece of original pulp art. This is a piece by Modest Stein, premier artist for LOVE STORY MAGAZINE. It appeared on the September 5, 1936 cover of the magazine - a photo of the cover is below. Although I've had it since last October, I wanted to wait until I could get it framed before I "released it to the public." Today, my Valentine's Day present to myself was to pick it up from the framer.

This piece was given to me by the woman who was Daisy Bacon's caregiver during the last months of Daisy's life. Daisy, as some of you know, was the editor of LOVE STORY and one of the most famous of all pulp editors. LOVE STORY, for many years, was the top selling pulp fiction magazine in the world. This piece was actually owned by Daisy Bacon.

The caregiver, (who I'm not naming to respect her privacy) also took care of Daisy's half sister Esther, who was assistant editor of LOVE STORY, until Esther died a few years after Daisy. After Esther died, the sisters' estates were distributed and the caregiver was given this picture, as well as another Modest Stein that she is keeping.

Because it was never framed (as far as I know), it does show some wear and tear. In addition, it's got an interesting flaw: you don't have to look very hard to see a circle around the man's head. Seems that Mr. Stein either replaced or heavily painted over the original head on the piece. Don't some of you gals out there wish it was that easy to replace your husband or boyfriend's head sometimes? :)

When I shipped this home, my friend asked me if I was going to "fix" the flaws in the piece. I said, "Hell no!!" Not only does it have loads of provenance, it's a great example of pulp art and how pulp artists had to hurry to meet their deadlines.

Chloe's pretty happy with it too. Although I don't think she's thrilled with the Pekingese in the picture.

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ednoon said...

Hey Laurie!
Great painting!! Walker Martin and I are both jealous :-) I hope to see you at Windy City and/or PulpFest!
in pulpetuity,

Cap'n Bob said...

Congrats on the find. That was a great back story. I wonder who the above-named ednoon is. I think that's Mike Avallone's photo, and of course Ed Noon was his most famous character.

Walker Martin said...

I'm glad to see that you have an original piece of pulp cover art to go with your collection of pulps. I also collect pulp and paperback original paintings and have never understood why most book collectors have no interest in at least having one piece of cover art to go with their collection.

Cap'n Bob wonders about Ed Noon, otherwise known as Scott. We were both great friends with Mike Avallone who was known as "The Fastest Typewriter in the East". Mike was a member of our group who used to meet at my house for pulpish discussions. If you google "Collecting Pulps: A Memoir: Mike Avallone, you should come up with a hit about our friendship.

Scott not only has Ed Noon as his email address but he used to have printed on his car windows, "Ed Noon Associates". Mike Avallone was a great joker and knew more about movies than just about anyone. Scott and I both miss him alot.

Deka Black said...

Beautiful painting! I'm jealous, too. i would want to have some original pulp art, but.. anyways. being honest, being jealous is not for me. Jealousy is a bad thing.

Enjoy the painting ;) And tell chloe that the dog is so afraid of her that's mute!

Ron Scheer said...

Would love to see a big museum show of pulp art. May have said this elsewhere, but as a boy I admired magazine artwork and wanted to be an illustrator. Alas, born too late.

Richard R. said...

Very nice, Laurie. I hope you enjoy having it on your wall. I'm assuming you've read the story that it goes with?

Barry Traylor said...

Very nice acquistion Laurie. I do have the original painting for High Voltage Detective, it's really one of a kind. LOL!

Cap'n Bob said...

Thanks for the info, Walker. Avo got mad at me when I published MDM because I wouldn't carry his banner. I preferred to remain objective.