Sunday, February 19, 2012

Just in Time for the Downton Abbey Finale

Just in time for the Downton Abbey 2nd season finale tonight, here are some paper dolls that you can cut out and use for....whatever. From the web site Vulture, they at least can get you through the next few days of withdrawal. I especially love Matthew and Mary's - check out the bottom corner for a bonus!

Even though I have watched all of the episodes religously this year, I have taped all of this season as well, so I can view it again when I need a DA fix during the dog days of summer.

Happy finale watching!

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Barry Traylor said...

I wish Sybil had been in last night's episode. For any that have not seen it I shall not give any spoilers but the Bates verdict did not come as a surprise. Loved Matthew and Lady Mary's fiance in the library.
And as usual Maggie Smith got some really swell lines.
Nice ending I thought.

Barry Traylor said...

Favorite Lady Violet line, "Oh, don't be sorry. It was a dreadful wedding gift and I've hated it for half a century..."

I am a little puzzled why they have a German Luger on the paper cutout. The revolver is correct.

Laurie Powers said...

It looks like these doll cutouts have gone viral. I'm seeing them all over Twitter. I'm sad over what happened to Bates and I have my doubts as to whether the court room scenes were really plausible, but then this is drama and they have to set it up for the next season. I loved that Edith's 'beau' showed up again, and of course the ending. I cried more than once through the show. Did you see the documentary at the end with all the interviews? I thought that was fantastic.

Charles Gramlich said...

Some of these are pretty hilarious!

Barry Traylor said...

I must say that I not overly fond of the new capthca Google is using. Your blog was one of the few that were easy to see and type in. O'Well.
Not too familiar with English courts in the early 20th century, but I thought an awful lot of the "evidence" against Bates was hearsay and very circumstantial.
I guess they could not have two happy endings in one episode. This gives them a cliffhanger.

Richard R. said...

I agree, I really don't like the new capthca. At all. I'm making a lot less comments since it's inception.