Thursday, February 23, 2012

Holy Gas Bags! Sale of ZEPPELIN STORIES Copy

Yesterday on Heritage Auctions, a copy of ZEPPELIN STORIES sold for $6,572.50 (including buyer's premium.)

Here's the description of this particular copy on the website(photos below):

"Zeppelin Stories V1#3 (Ramer Reviews, Inc., 1929) Condition: Apparent VG+. A beautiful copy of one of the rarest and most sought-after pulps in existence, featuring the classic cover story "The Gorilla of the Gas Bags" by Gil Brewer." Exceedingly difficult to find and listed as "very rare" by Bookery's, this is the first copy of this issue -- or any issue of the title -- we've had the opportunity to offer. The covers and spine are complete and unfaded, with what appears to be a very minor amount of regluing performed on the head and tail of the spine. The pages are tan with some browning and early signs of brittleness to the edges, but are still supple. The bottom edges of the cover seem to have been trimmed. A beautiful copy with only the minor restoration work and page quality preventing it from grading higher. Bookery's Guide to Pulps VG value = $2,500."

Any opinions? I knew ZEPPELIN STORIES were rare, but "one of the most sought after pulps"?

Thanks to David Lee Smith for the heads up.

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Walker Martin said...

It's not really one of the most sought after pulps. It's so rare that most collectors have never seen a copy. The usual auction house hype. It's one of those stupid, oddball titles that surfaced for an issue or two and then died. If you collect just the bizarre titles, then this is just about as crazy a title as you can find.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, first congratulations on your wonderful blog, now a request: Could you post the cover of the pulp magazine by Pete Rice, entitled Death Stalks The Hoot Owl? I would be eternally grateful.

Barry Traylor said...

I also read recently the Heritage raised their buyers premium up to 25%.
Over at Fred Pohl's blog the captcha is a simple math problem. I do wish google would use that idea.

Barry Traylor said...

By the way Walker I wondered if you feel the same as I do about Bookery's Guide To The Pulps? How in blazes do you put a dollar value on a pulp that rarely if ever sells?
I think it was the Comic Book Buyer's Guide that back in the 1980's would bump the value of a comic even if none (like Action #1) had been sold the previous year.

Charles Gramlich said...

Never read anything from Zepplin stories but I'd like to.

Barry Traylor said...

To answer Charles I think that this issue has been reprinted by John Gunnison of Adventure House. But of course I could be wrong.

Laurie Powers said...

Walker, I'm wondering if there were any collectors that we know that were bidding on it. I'm kind of doubting that.

Jorge, you can go to Galactic Central ( and look for that Pete Rice cover, if they have it. That's where I get copies of many of my covers.

I'm with Barry on the question as to how you determine the value of pulps that rarely surfact. I guess it's worth however someone is willing to pay for it. So there you go.

Charles, if you go to, you can see if the Zeppelin Stories are in reprint. Or send John Gunnison an email if you don't see it in their inventory.

David Cranmer said...

That's a lot of $!

Barry Traylor said...

I think I am going to email Walker The Pulp Expert and ask him if this issue was reprinted. I checked the Adventure House website and did not see it. That is not to say that it was not reprinted, it might be op now. Unless I dreamed it I seem to have a clear memory of seeing it but had no desire to read it and passed for some detective title that Gunny had done. BTW, his reprints are very well done and resonably priced. I get no kickback for saying that. ;-)

Walker Martin said...

I've checked all my usual pulp sources and it does not look like this issue was reprinted. Since it's so valuable I doubt that anyone would want to photocopy the pages or take it apart for the purpose of reprinting.

However, perhaps Barry is thinking of two books:

Lester Dent's Zeppelin Tales.
All Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories

But these two books have nothing to do with the rare pulp under discussion.

Barry Traylor said...

Drat! I was so sure that it had been reprinted. Must have been in one of those Pulp Dreams I have had over the years.
I wonder how much that copy of Spicy Zeppelin Stories would bring that the late Karl Edward Wagner turned up years ago?