Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Bye Rusty

The pulp fiction community lost a piece of its foundation yesterday when James "Rusty" Hevelin passed away. I didn't know Rusty that well; in fact, I just met him last summer at PulpFest. But I feel it's important to acknowledge someone like Rusty who contributed so much to the community, especially for fans of science fiction. It's also distressing to see someone with such a wealth of knowledge leave us.

If you want to read a nice tribute to Rusty, go to PulpFest's website.

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Barry Traylor said...

Jack Cullers was keeping me informed as to Rusty's health so I knew his condition was declining. I was hoping for the best but was still shocked when Jack emailed me about Rusty's passing late Tuesday evening.
I first met him at Pulpcon in 1974 and he became a friend. On my way back from Windy City this year I stayed over at Jack and Sally Culler's home and Jack asked if I would like to visit Rusty who was in a rehab after a fall he took. I had a very pleasant hour plus visit and although he was frail his mind was sharp as ever and that is how I want to remember him.
I was also happy we were able to have Gay Haldeman bring him to PulpFest last Summer. I think he was able to see how much people loved him.