Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Lone Ranger is Back!

Lovers of the Lone Ranger! Look alive! There's a new Lone Ranger adventure, called VENDETTA, that is going to be released soon, and it was written by the one and only Howard Hopkins.

If anyone is qualified to write a Lone Ranger novel, it's Howard, who is the author of 40+ horror, western & kid's horror novels/comic books, numerous published short stories, including stories in The Spider Chronicles, The Green Hornet Chronicles, Sherlock Holmes & Captain Midnight, and co-editor of The Avenger Chronicles 1-3. Howard is the author of 32 Black Horse westerns in hardcover and trade paperback under the name Lance Howard, the most recent being Coyote Deadly.

So congrats to Howard. Here's the link to the amazon page. You can pre-order your copies now.

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1 comment:

Rick said...

Awesome. Can't wait.