Monday, September 26, 2011

Pulps A-Z: The Letter H

The letter "H" has to be the most difficult of all the letter so far. I always try to find the less-famous titles for this series, but there aren't a lot of titles with that letter. Out of frustration I ended up picking a HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE, even though it was also known as DAN TURNER HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE and wasn't exactly an obscure title. In addition, HIGH SEAS ADVENTURES was a magazine that shared billing with PIRATE STORIES. By the way, I would love to read some of the HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE stories; what are they like and have there been any reprints?

As for the rest of these titles, I think the HOW7 looks the most intriguing.

HUSH, June 1930

HOW7, April 1928




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Todd Mason said...

HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE was the magazine built around Robert Leslie Bellem's Dan Turner character, the subject of SJ Perelman's famous essay "Somewhere a Roscoe..."...finding the Bellem Turner stories won't be too hard. You have probably usefully overlooked the "shudder pulp" (sexually and/or otherwise sadistic pseudo-supernatural stories in an unwholesome Scooby-Doo mode) HORROR STORIES.

Walker Martin said...

There have been some reprints of the HOLLYWOOD DETECTIVE stories. Just go to books and type in "Dan Turner Hollywood Detective" and you will get several hits on both print volumes and e-books.

Frankly, after reading a few Bellem stories they all sound alike to me. But they are quite popular and amusing if you don't read too many at once.

Laurie Powers said...

I didn't overlook HORROR STORIES; I chose not to use it.

Thanks for the info on reprints.

Deka Black said...

The cover of Hollywood Detective is strange. look at the two characters. Both are drawed in different styles. The woman is likeshe were from a romance pulp. The man, in the other hand, is more, well, detective-like.

Todd Mason said...

Ah, then...good for you! If you ever want another obscure H pulp, try the little magazine pulp HOME BREW (less obscure as the home of early Lovecraft fiction)

Barry Traylor said...

I see why you did not include Headquarters Detective as it is a name and genre change from Sky Birds. Always thought High Seas Adventures was sort of neat due to the fact that it was published by Gernsback. One thing about Robert Leslie Bellem, he was a survivor. When the pulps died it switched over to writing for tv. Shows like The Lone Ranger, Superman and 77 Sunset Strip among others.

Cap'n Bob said...

It's true the Dan Turner stories are mostly cut from the same mold, but the quirkly dialogue is worth the price of admission. Like, "I fetched him a bunt on the crumpet and his beezer leaked buttermilk." "Flag your slacks buckety-gallop to my wikiup." "She was delishful, and hauled a cargo of lure."

Not all quotes guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Alfred Jan said...

Two factoids about Robert Leslie Bellem: His Surgeon of Souls stories use the only series character in Spicy Mystery Stories (see my collection from Black Dog Books), and he wrote comic books which accompanied children's records, called Talking Komics.

Lem Nash said...

A lot of the Dan turner stories are available at Just click on "downloadable pulp stories" and go from there. Probably one of the best Dan Turner stories is "LAKE OF THE LEFT-HANDED MOON". Hope this helps.