Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pulps A-Z: The Letter G

This letter was fun. There aren't a lot of magazines with the letter G, so when I started I expected a lack of choices. I was surprised to find such interesting and obscure titles and covers.

GANG MAGAZINE, July 1935. One of three issues.

GIRL RACKETS, Vol 1, No. 1, 1932. Only issue.

GHOST SUPER DETECTIVE, January 1940. Vol 1, No. 1. One of seven issues.

GOLDEN FLEECE, December 1938. One of nine issues.

GOLDEN WEST, January 1928. This title lasted five years, but still one of the lesser known Western pulps.

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Walker Martin said...

I once owned a copy of GIRL RACKETS but it did not cover one of the most insidious rackets of them all: The Pulp Collecting Girl Racket. Many collectors have fallen for this racket including me.

These girls rope you in by pretending to like and admire your collection. However once the wedding bells chime they change their tune and start to whine and complain about the pulps. They then want you to sell the collection, clean up the clutter, stop hording, and stop spending so much time reading.

By the way, Laurie appears to be the exception and thus is not a member of this racket.

Cap'n Bob said...

There might not be a lot of G's, but what's there is cherce, although I hate to see a horse falling off a cliff.

Deka Black said...

I like Golden Fleece. it have a romance feeling i love.

Barry Traylor said...

Another interesting letter. As I am sure I have stated before I am very fond of logo design, especially on pulp magazines and for me Golden West is one of the more attractive. Girl Rackets has to be scarce as hen's teeth, what were the stories like Walker?

Walker Martin said...

GIRL RACKETS did not impress me as far as the so called true stories, which read like made up fiction to me. I guess that's why I sold my copy and why it only lasted one issue.