Friday, September 30, 2011

My Short Story MOVING DAY Over at A Twist of Noir

My short short story MOVING DAY is over at A Twist of Noir. This is part of a long-running series in which the story has to be the exact number of words as its order in the series. For example, my story is #686, so it had to be 686 words.

What I didn't mention is that my story is partly based on a true story (NOT autobiographical, but pretty amazing nonetheless.)

A Twist of Noir is one of the most popular of sites that publishes noir and crime stories. With that, you should know that there is adult language and content. I love writing these!

Would love to read your comments, so feel free to write them.

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Alfred Jan said...

Wow! Have you ever considered writing for Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine? You really captured the "No honor among thieves" theme very well, and I look forward to more of your fiction.

Barry Traylor said...

I liked it quite a bit. Fred Brown (master of the short short) would have approved.

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks, guys! I've never thought of myself as a fiction writer, but I do have fun writing these. Both of you are too kind.

Ed Hulse said...

Oh, the things one does for...I mean to Art.