Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Historic Magazine Collection, Including Pulps, For Sale

Steven Lomazov, owner of the Magazine History: A Collector's Blog, announced today that he is selling his collection. They are entertaining serious offers only and expect it to sell in the seven figures.

Description of the collection from the blog:

The collection contains virtually every major magazine highlight ever published from the eighteenth century to the present and covers virtually every topic- literature, politics, technology (TV, Radio, Movies, Aviation etc). It also includes by far the largest collection of first issue pulp magazines (over 850) in existence. Any institution or individual that acquires it will immediately become one of the leading repositories of American popular culture.

Interested? Just won the lottery? Go here for more details.

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Deka Black said...

wow... just... i have no words, really.

Richard R. said...

"sold only as a whole", so no way to, say, just buy the pulps. Too bad, not that I'm in the market just now...

Cap'n Bob said...

Seven figures? That's six more than I can spare.

Ed Hulse said...

I've been to Steve's house twice; both visits were lengthy ones, but I *still* didn't see everything he has. For a long time before my trips to his place I was under the impression that the bulk of his collection was pop-culture related, but he has hundreds of ultra-rare literary items as well. Some are unique. One that knocked my socks off was a first edition of Edgar Allan Poe's 1845 collection TALES -- annotated by Poe himself.

Steve's collection is truly extraordinary. It's beyond the reach of any single collector, I think; he's probably looking for an institutional sale.