Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday's Web: By Ken Levine

Today's web recommendation doesn't have anything to do with pulp fiction or westerns or anything that I usually write about. My blog of the week is BY KEN LEVINE ( Ken is a long time television writer, mainly comedy, who writes about anything and everything - sometimes it's about television, sometimes it's about baseball, sometimes it's about writing television scripts (he was one of the writers for M*A*S*H), or about movie reviews and or something just random, but it's always entertaining.

I know about Ken because he used to be one of the hosts of Dodger Talk on our local Dodger radio station - a program that would run after every Dodger game where people could call in and talk for hours and hours and hours about what they loved or hated about the Dodgers. Ken was terrific and I thought he was always spot on with his opinions. Then the sucker went away after last year's season. Maybe he looked at his crystal ball and saw what was coming down the pike for the team this year. He was also hired by the Seattle Mariners to do play by play. (Bob Napier, is he still there? Have you heard him?) But I was heartbroken when he left Dodger Talk and I think the show hasn't been the same.

Check into Ken's blog, especially if you're into anything having to do with television and/or writing for television. He must have a lot of followers because his posts get a lot of comments and his blog was named one of the top 25 blogs of 2011 by TIME MAGAZINE. So don't be offended if he doesn't comment back on your comments. If he did he'd never get anything else done.

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Cap'n Bob said...

Amen. I read Ken's blog every day and frequently comment. He's contracted to do 30 games this year with the Mariners, on radio, as the color commentator. Yes, I've listened, and he's witty, fun, and the source of endless anecdotes.

Barry Traylor said...

It's a good thing I'm retired and have plenty of time to waste as you have just given me something to consume my time every morning. Very funny stuff, thanks for pointing it out to me. It is now bookmarked in my Blog folder.