Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pulps A-Z: The letter D

I was bound and determined to post titles this week that didn't contain the word "Detective." That made the search really hard. But I did find one with that word that is really interesting in its irony: Called simply DETECTIVE, it was very short-lived (2 issues in 1933 and maybe just one more in 1934) and is now very rare.

Although DRAGNET eventually became a "Detective" title (Detective Dragnet, and then eventually TEN DETECTIVE ACES), the period in which it was called DRAGNET - from the end of 1928 to the beginning of 1930 - was short. I picked this cover because I think it's magnificent. This is the second issue.

The next entry, DIME MYSTERY BOOK MAGAZINE, was a conventional mystery magazine with a full length novel in each issue along with a couple of short stories. Eventually it changed its title to DIME MYSTERY MAGAZINE and the emphasis of the content turned to "weird menace" which was anything but conventional. While it only lasted 10 issues as a conventional mystery magazine, it lasted 144 issues as a weird menace. This is the December 1932 issue.

THE DANGER TRAIL lasted for over two years under this title before it was changed to at least three more titles, the last being WIDE WORLD ADVENTURES, which was its last title in 1930. This is from October 1926.

DAN DUNN DETECTIVE was an attempt to capitalize on a certain comic book hero. It didn't work: It only lasted two issues. This is the second one, from November 1936.

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Deka Black said...

Dime Mistery Book and Danger Trail are the best, in my opinion. Is a really good use of the colours.

Plus, i like, for no particular reason, any pulp with "Dime" in his title.

Walker Martin said...

DIME MYSTERY is probably the most collectible title here, though DANGER TRAILS go for hundreds of dollars in nice condition.

At the first Pulpcon I was high bidder on an original cover painting from DIME MYSTERY by Walter Baumhofer. If you can call $105 a *high* bid. Later I traded it for the rare second issue of WEIRD TALES to complete my collection. Fortunately I managed to get the painting back in a later trade.

After 30 years of hanging on the wall and scaring my wife and children, I eventually sold it. Needless to say, not for $105.

Barry Traylor said...

Wonderful choices as usual Laurie. You picked some very rare ones today. My favorite (if I had to choose just one title) has to be Danger Trails because it is a Clayton publication. As I stated before this a great idea and it has kept me guessing and looking forward to what your choices will be.

Barry Traylor said...

Actually Walker $105.00 was "high" back at the first Pulpcon.

Charles Gramlich said...

I didn't know that Dragnet had that kind of history. Interesting.

Richard Prosch said...

I LOVE that Danger Trail tiger cover. Once again, I long for the poster!

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