Monday, August 22, 2011

Pulps A-Z: C

There are some good obscure titles in the C's. It would have been even easier if I had used a title that started with the word "Complete." But I thought that would be kinda cheating, because there are so many of them.

I really messed up my right eye this weekend. Too much close computer reading at work, and then I wore my contact lenses for the party Saturday night. I woke up Sunday with my eye almost swollen shut and unable to tolerate sunlight. Today wasn't much better. The vision in my left eye is very weak, so the botton line is that my reading has been cut back substantially the last two days. Things like this make you really appreciate how lucky we are to 1) have the ability to see and 2) have the ability to read.

So I really think there should have been a pulp magazine with the title CORNEA STORIES.

And yes, there's another baseball cover but it's special because of who's on the cover.



COMET, December, 1940


COLLEGE STORIES, May 1931. Believe it or not, COLLEGE STORIES was originally the beautiful and short-lived SEA STORIES.

CHAMPION SPORTS, July 1937. This was roughly a year after Lou Gehrig retired.

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Cap'n Bob said...

Careful, Laurie. The last time I wore contacts--supposedly constant wear--I got an eye infection that could have cost me the vision in that eye. You might want to see an optometrist ASAP.

Deka Black said...

I say the same: I stopped using lenses for a similar reason: Too dry eyes. very dry.

The cover?' So obscure you need a lantern to see it.

Barry Traylor said...

Hope your eye is better soon. As for me I am pretty much a wimp. I could never wear contacts as the thought of putting a finger to my eyes gives me a cold chill down my back.
I was thinking of the title Cosmic Science Fiction when I was guessing what you would put up for the letter C. A short lived title from 1941 (only three issues) and the yarns weren't much to brag about but the covers were sure neat. One was by Dold and one by Hannes Bok. Cabaret Stories was good choice, likewise Colege Stories. It has long interested me how some titles made such a transition from one genre to another.

Laurie Powers said...

The eye is better today, thanks. I didn't think it was an infection but just eye strain. But I still think there should have been a CORNEA STORIES.

Walker Martin said...

If the pulp era had lasted longer than a half a century, there may have very well eventually been a magazine called CORNEA STORIES.

One great thing about this series, it reminds us of the amazing variety of pulp titles. For over 50 years in the first part of the 1900's, the newstands were crowded with hundreds of titles, slick, pulp, digest, literary. It was a thrilling sight for a magazine collector to see all these titles.

I came in on the tail end of this magazine boom in the 1950's, but it was a sight that I've never forgotten and explains why I've tried to duplicate it in my own personal collection.

It's a damn shame that we will probably live to see the end of the fiction magazine. There are only 5 digests left and they are getting terrible distribution. I'm trying to prepare myself to say goodbye to the digest format that I've been collecting off the newstands for over 55 years.

Alfred Jan said...

As a practicing optometrist since 1976, I like your idea of Cornea Stories; I could contribute some whoppers. I also would advise seeing your optometrist if it has been over two years. It sounds like you experienced some abnormal effects from the contact lens. By the way, my old optometry school professor said the only way to strain your eyes is to push it through a screen door!