Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OUT OF THIS WORLD: Review in the LA Times

There is an excellent review today in the Los Angeles Times on a new book about science fiction, OUT OF THIS WORLD: SCIENCE FICTION BUT NOT AS YOU KNOW IT, by Mike Ashley.

The review begins with: "The purpose of science fiction, at least for legendary pulp editor Hugo Gernsback, who coined the phrase in 1929, was to show people how science might change our lives."

The book sounds good. And any review in a mainstream newspaper that calls a pulp editor "legendary" is worth checking out.

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Deka Black said...

OK, mainstream calling it legendary... because is what he is! He named a entire genre ;)

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds interesting but I tell you I always get cautious when a book claims to show me a genre in ways I've never seen. In SF that has, at least to me, become synonomous with "boring and literary" A case in point, a recent collection of "NEW" space opera that I picked up. Oh man it was bad.

Barry Traylor said...

It was written by Mike Ashley and he has a decent track record having also written "The Time Machines" The Story of the Science Fiction Pulp Magazines from the beginning to 1950. Not having seen "Out Of This World" I can't say for certain that the former book does not cover the same ground.

Barry Traylor said...

I just checked Amazon and this is rather expensive in hardcover. $55.00 and only 144 pages. It is roughly 9"X 11" so it sounds more of a coffee table book. If I am correct that it may cover much of the same ground as his The Time Machines I'll hold off and see if my local library gets a copy.

Richard R. said...

Charles - I bought that same New Space Opera collection and agree with you, it was awful.

Laurie - I'm inclined to agree with Barry that this may be a good one to do a wait and see with the library.