Thursday, July 14, 2011

My nemesis this week

For the last two days I've had no power from 8 to 5, thanks to three of these lovely things behind my house that Edison, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to replace - all in the same week. So, because I have no power, I have no Internet connection either. And because my land line phone is connected through the Internet, I've had no land line either. Tomorrow is day #3, and hopefully the last day.

It's not until you have no access to the outside world that you realize how much you depend on these things like electricity, phone, and the Internet. Because I can't get a wireless connection at home other than my own, I've had to toddle down to the city library in order to get any work done. And while I'm there, it's a mad dash to get caught up on all my emails from work. Almost 100% of my communication at work is through email, as well as meetings with webinars and the transferring of all my work. So you can see the havoc this has created.

Some people have asked me why I just don't go down to the local Starbucks. Well, that would be nice if there were tables available. And besides, I know the first thing I'd do would be to order a latte. And another. And another. Those things are fattening.

So no blogging for another day or so. I hope to get caught up on Saturday.

I must be getting old, because this glitch has made me all out of sorts. And tired.

The only good thing is that our weather has been unseasonably cool this week, so I haven't had to worry about no air conditioning.

Talk to you all in a few days.

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Deka Black said...

Power cuts.., all people who suffered one knows how much we depend of electricity.

About library or Starbucks.. Better library. more quiet and calm. And cheaper.

(btw, in my neighborhood there is cafe very used for many workers)

Ron Scheer said...

Here in the desert, the biggest pain would be the loss of AC. I'm always giving those home generators a 2nd look when I see them in Costco...For a western writer, the single advantage of power loss would be the first-hand experience of what it actually felt like living in a time before electricity. Thank those cranky taxpayers for public libraries.

Barry Traylor said...

This has to be a real bummer for the food in your chill chest.

Laurie Powers said...

The library is definitely cheaper, Deka, and less fattening.

Ron, I would think that a generator would be worth buying, if only for the peace of mind. I love libraries - always have. I have always thought of them as havens, where I can put all my worries aside and just browse for books.

All of my ice cream melted, Barry. :(

Deka Black said...

That too Laurie. ;)