Thursday, July 28, 2011

Arriving at PulpFest 2011

It's amazing how many people are in the LAX airport at 1 AM in the morning. Where are all these people going? And the Delta terminal was so packed, there must have been some kind of fire sale on red-eye flights.

I put my foot down this trip to PulpFest in Columbus, Ohio, and declared that I would not pay for checked-in luggage, so I managed to put everything into a carry-on and a shoulder bag. In my carry-on was a laptop and six copies of PULP WRITER to sell (RIDING THE PULP TRAIL was shipped directly from the publisher, Thank God), some snacks including a bag of cookies and a small bag of clementines and candy (I hate hotel food), and a minumum amount of clothes. By the time I got to Houston - my layover - I was so worn out by hauling these boulders around I wished I had checked them in.

But guess what? My next flight from Houston to Columbus was on a small plane that did not have the overhead room for my carry-on so I had to check it in at the gate anyway. (I wasn't the only one, there must have been a dozen of us.) I was rather happy to do that to tell you the truth. And because they had me check it in at the plane, I didn't have to pay a checked luggage fee. The bad news? All my cookies got smashed.

Anyway, I arrived here in Columbus about noon local time today (9 AM Pacific) and, oh, do you remember the post from a few days ago when I was complaining about the heat in California? I take it all back. It doesn't hold a candle to the sauna known as summer in Ohio.

Thank goodness we'll be in the hotel much of the weekend, although some of us are talking about venturing out one night for dinner somewhere else. I hope we won't have to walk. There's a lot going on here at the convention though, with all the panels in the evenings, that I'll surprised if we make it.

PulpFest looks to be great this year. The rooms booked for the convention is way up this year from last, and the dealer tables are at an equal pace to last year. What's interesting is that this convention there are a lot of beautiful and rare pulp fiction magazeins, but I'm seeing a lot of collectible books too. And there are reprints of pulps everywhere. And some art. And the regular gang of people who I love to hang with.

So if you're in the area over the next three days, drop by the Ramada Plaza in Columbus and say hello. The daily entrance fee is only $15, and if you want to come for the entire three days, the fee is $35 for three days. The dealer room opens at 9 AM both Friday and Saturday and 10 AM on Sunday. All of the info is over at the PulpFest website.

I'm tired out, even though I had a three hour nap this afternoon, so I'm hitting the hay. More info and photos tomorrow. Bookmark and Share


Cap'n Bob said...

I just flew Southwest and was delighted to find that I could check 2 bags for free. So I checked my planned carry-on bag and enjoyed the ride hands free. Have a blast and sell 'em all. I ordered mine earlier today.

Cap'n Bob said...

BTW, how about some pix of those "minimum amount of clothes"? :)

William said...

Hope y'all have a great time at PulpFest! Wish I could join everyone. ... I'm looking forward to reading your reports!

Alfred Jan said...

Your experience reminds me of my trips to the old Pulpcons in Bowling Green and Dayton (my first was in 1995). Flying from San Jose required a transfer in Chicago. The connecting flight was often late and no overhead baggage compartment. Logistically speaking, I prefer the Windy City Pulp and Paperback show in Chicago; it is earlier in the year and easier to get to. Speaking as a fellow Californian, you might consider that pulp convention as well. Better climate, too!

Richard R. said...

I understand the reluctance to pay for baggage, it's a crime to have to pay for something that should be part of the ticket price, but never mind that here.

Yes, hot and very humid. Sorry to hear about those cookies. But then look around: ALL THOSE PULPS! Plus as you say the people, the other activities. It'll be over before you know it and you'll be home to dry SoCal. Supposed to be 84 here in Portland today, with 48 % humidity. Hope you're finding a RR pulp or two, and lots of stuff from your Want List.

Love the reports, keep 'em coming! Photos when you get back, too.

Richard R. said...

Eagerly awaiting Pulpfest report.....