Friday, May 27, 2011

What's In A Name

I splurged and bought a new rose today. I've been wanting a rose tree for a long time for my patio, and the brilliant yellow of this one caught my eye. But I was a little leery of the price.

But the blossoms seems exceptionally healthy and abundant, which also was a plus.

Then I noticed the pale pink spots around the new petals. It also had a wonderful light fragrance.

But when I saw the name of the rose, that's what clinched it for me.

It's a "Henry Fonda."

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Charles Gramlich said...

Lovely. They look paint spattered up close.

Deka Black said...

Oh, lovely rose tree ^^ the name is... well, beng honest i'm surprised. But i think suits the flower.

Is very yellow (is mostly yellow, right? I'm colourblind, if this explain something) and i like that in a rose.

Barry Traylor said...

Both my mother and grandmother loved roses and they had quite a few but I have never, ever heard of a rose tree. And where in the world did they come up with the name? When I think Henry Fonda I think great actor, but roses just do not come to mind.

Lana Gramlich said...

Ha! They're very lovely & I hope they bring you much enjoyment. Sorry for my recent absence. We were on a road trip out West. ;)

Cap'n Bob said...

My favorite flower. I have one like this. It was advertised as a patio rose tree when I bought it.