Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tis The Season for PulpFest...

Now that PulpFest is only a little more than two months away (yes, that is correct - it starts on July 29), I'm getting into the mood and have broken out my copy of THE BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF BLACK MASK STORIES.

I started reading this great collection when it first came out but other obligations soon got in the way and I had to put it away for many months. But I can't think of better way to get into spirit of pulp than by reading some of the greatest crime fiction around.

Do any of you have recommendations for stories in this? Right now I'm reading "The Dancing Rats" by Richard Sale.

Speaking of PulpFest, go check out their web site, which is really well done and kept up-to-date. Their Links page is really comprehensive for those wanting to do research on pulp fiction.

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Deka Black said...

Pulpnoir. One of my pending visitations, being honest. i mean, i only read a couple of short stories by Dashiel Hammet (and Red Harvest) and... nothing more.

Please, don't kill me.

Jokes aside... i heard Richard sale is really good, so, from what i know, you've choosed wisely, laurie ;)

Barry Traylor said...

There are so many fine stories in this collection that is difficult for me to pick just a few. But I shall give it a try.
Find The Girl-Raymond Chandler (he later turned his into the novel Farewell, My Lovely-which was made into a rather good film called Murder, My Sweet with Dick Powell and Claire Trevor)
Knights of the Open Palm-Carroll John Daly (the first Race Williams yarn and in my opinion the best)
Arson Plus-Peter Collinson(Dashiell Hammett- and the first Continental Op story)
The Maltese Falcon-D. Hammett
Luck-Lester Dent (an early Oscar Sail yarn)
I'd better stop or I will be listing the entire TOC, needless to say there ain't a lemon in the entire book.