Monday, May 9, 2011

Pulp Covers: Late Paul Powers Stories

These are some of the pulps that my grandfather's stories appeared after WILD WEST WEEKLY closed up. Some of the stories noted here will be in the new RIDING THE PULP TRAIL collection being released this summer.

WEST, November 1947. "Gun Reckoning at Scorpion Bend."

THRILLING RANCH STORIES, December 1948. "Hangnoose for a Prodigal."

TEXAS RANGERS, December 1947, "Boothill is my Destination."

THE RIO KID WESTERN, August 1949, "Death is Where You Find It."

POPULAR WESTERN, May 1946, "Trap For a Bandit."

EXCITING WESTERN, November 1947, "Buzzards Hate Bullets"

EXCITING WESTERN, April 1945, "Killer's Cayuse"

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Ron Scheer said...

Thanks for the great covers, again. Wouldn't normally recommend climbing through a barb wire fence with a loaded gun, however...

Richard Prosch said...

Ron's right! That WEST cover records an amazing feat!

Barry Traylor said...

I imagine that one could build quite an extensive pulp collection just by having every magazine that your grandfather had a story in. Any idea just how many there were? I realize I could most likely find that info in your book about him, but I am feeling a bit lazy this morning (nothing new about that)so I figured I'd go to the source.

Laurie Powers said...

At last count there were 440 stories in Wild West Weekly. Then there are the other pulps, includng the WEIRD TALES stories pre-WWW, and all those after WWW. My aunt and uncle collected most of the WWW with his stories in them, and have also copies of most of the others. They fill two large bookcases.