Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nominated for the 2011 Munsey Award

I received an email yesterday telling me that I've been nominated for a Munsey Award, which is the annual award handed out at the PulpFest convention. I was thinking that after last year the pulp fiction community would realize their mistake in nominating me and learn its lesson, but apparently not!

Thank you so much to those who nominated me and to the Board of PulpFest. I was shocked last year to be nominated, because the Munsey Award is a pretty big deal. Next the other nominees, there was no comparison when it came to knowledge, experience, and leadership. That goes the same for this year.

I know part of my claim to Munsey fame, besides my grandfather's history as a pulp fiction writer and the publication of PULP WRITER, is this blog. Ironically, it's been a quiet here lately. In my defense, it's because I'm directing my attention to other writing projects, and you'll be happy to know that these projects are pulp fiction-related.

Once again, thank you!

If you want to read about all of those nominated, go to the Munsey Award nominee page on the PulpFest Web site.

And if you are still thinking of joining us at PulpFest, don't wait any longer. I hear the good deals on plane fares will be available soon. (I don't know where I got that, it just sounds good, and I DID get a great fare last year when I bought my ticket the first week of June - thanks, Will Murray.) And there will be plenty of great panels on subjects such as THE SHADOW on the radio, pulp artists, Catherine Lucille Moore, steampunk in the days of dime novels and pulp magazines, and oh yes, a panel hosted by granddaughters of the pulps, namely, Karen Cunningham, Nicky Brown, Elizabeth Bisette, and me.

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Rick said...

Wonderful!!! Congratulations.

Ron Scheer said...

Well done again! Glad to see your work deservedly appreciated.

Bill Crider said...

Congrats again!

Charles Gramlich said...

Excellentee. Congrats.

Ed Hulse said...

Allow me to add my congrats to the pile.

Richard Prosch said...

Hey, great news! Good job.

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks, everybody!