Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thank You All

Thank you to everyone who posted such wonderful comments about my lovely girl Xena.

It's been a hard 24 hours, and Annie is just now starting to realize that something is very very different. She looks sad most of the time and is very subdued. When I gave her the usual cookie at noon, she wouldn't eat it at first; instead, she looked around as if she knew that this was a ritual that Xena always partook in as well. I had to coax her to eat it.

I took Annie to Petco after work to distract her and, for a while, she was happy and excited. We looked at all the turtles and birds and reptiles. She did a double take at the Guinea Pigs and sniffed every single thing at her level on the shelves. But now she's quiet again.

But all of your comments, both here and on Facebook, have helped me get through the day. Thank you all.

I found one last photo of Xena that I wanted to share. And in closing, I wanted to share something from my grandfather, who was a huge dog lover also. My cousin Jeanie wrote me and said that Grandpa wrote this inscription in an anthology of dog stories:

Why was your life so short, dear Curly Ears,
Our lives so long, so full of tears?

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Deka Black said...

No, thnak to you for share all your momentos with Xena with us.

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh, I'm crying. She looked like such a sweet dog. I still am not over the loss of my dear Charlie Brown (a Border Collie mix).

Hugs to you, Laurie...take one day at a time. :-)

Charles Gramlich said...

Everything changes when we lose such a loved being.

Richard R. said...

Annie will need plenty of extra walks and attention, along with the usual dose of love, the first couple of weeks.

We have gone from 5 cats to 4, so it's not such a dramatic change, but there has been some noticable searching for the missing family member.

Barry Traylor said...

Have a safe and pleasant trip.