Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Books: Otto Penzer's adventure stories collection and Ian Parnham's new Fergal O'Brien

There's a couple of very interesting new releases coming out in the next month or so.

The first is Otto Penzler's new anthology - this time it's adventure stories. It's not a collection of stories solely from the magazine ADVENTURE; rather, it does have some from that fine pulp, but has some from other pulps as well. I think we were all a little surprised that the book is coming out so soon - according to Amazon it's going to be released in May. Penzler's collection of BLACK MASK stories was just released a few months ago (or it seems like it).

Anyway, Otto is known for his fantastic anthologies, so I'm sure this collection will be the same. You can pre-order it here at amazon.

I was a little surprised with the cover art - it's totally different from the ADVENTURE covers; this new cover has more of a 1950s or 1960s feel to it. Here's some ADVENTURE covers from the 1920s-30s in contrast.

But the quality of stories is always so good in Otto's collections that they speak for themselves.

The second book was a wonderful surprise to find out about, and I immediately put in my Amazon cart: a new book by I.J. Parnham. You all might remember the wonderfully funny Fergal O'Brien western THE TREASURE OF ST. WOODY last year.

Now Ian has a new book of the Fergal O'Brien series coming out in April, THE MIRACLE OF SAINT MARIA. Ian told me that this book is in the same style and spirit of ST. WOODY, which means that it will be hilarious and a page turner.

You better believe I'll be reviewing this new one here. SAINT MARIA can be pre-ordered at Amazon here.

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Deka Black said...

i love anthologies. is like a box of cookies. you can pick one at time. or the whole content if you like.

Barry Traylor said...

Never having been a fan of the Men's Sweat magazines let me go on record as saying that I hate the cover they chose. I realize the contents mean more than what is on the outside but I find it difficult getting around the cover.
They did such a fine job of both the other pulp collections that they did but they dropped the ball with this one.

Walker Martin said...

Though I have hundreds of men's adventure magazines, which were mainly published during the 1955-1970's period, after the pulp era, I have never been able to read the poorly written fiction and articles. If anyone disagrees, please present your argument because I'd love to be able to enjoy reading these titles.

The one thing I do enjoy, is the crazy, insane covers which often depicted demented Nazis partying with pretty girls. Penzler's anthology cover does not have a Nazi present, but it does have two prime ingredients: pretty girls and skulls.

The artwork is the only reason I can see for collecting the men's adventure magazines. There were a couple exceptions which published decent stories, like CAVALIER, but for the most part these 8 1/12 by 11 magazines published poorly written stories/articles, and art with a sex angle and little else.

Laurie Powers said...

I'm with you, Deka. I love them just for that reason. Plus I love short stories - more than novels.

I was trying to be tactful in my post, but I have to admit that I'm with Barry on this one. I also noticed that this isn't a "Black Lizard" book, which makes me think that for whatever reason they couldn't use that name and had to use another graphic designer. But it sounds like Walker kinda likes it.