Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pulp Covers for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. To commemorate the day, here are some pulp covers that feature Thanksgiving themes - which, in most cases means a freshly killed turkey and in a couple of cases, buzzards.

So have a good one, everyone. Enjoy your friends and family and drive carefully.

POPULAR, November 20, 1921

WESTERN STORY, November 24, 1923

POPULAR, November 20, 1928

WILD WEST WEEKLY, November 30, 1929

WILD WEST WEEKLY, November 26, 1932

WILD WEST WEEKLY, December 2, 1933

WILD WEST WEEKLY, December 1, 1934

WILD WEST WEEKLY, November 30, 1935

WILD WEST WEEKLY, November 28, 1936

RANCH ROMANCES, November No. 2, 1942

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David Cranmer said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Laurie!

Cullen Gallagher said...

WILD WEST WEEKLY, December 1, 1934

That's my fav!

Barry Traylor said...

I like the Popular cover for 1921, why do I get the feeling from the look on the Pilgrim's face that the Indian is getting short changed.

bish8 said...

Cool stuff, Laurie! Happy Thanksgiving!

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

And a wunnerful Thanksbuddy to you, too, Laurie.

Ron Scheer said...

These are great, Laurie, thanks! Many of these covers cry out for an explanation. The ones involving gunfire especially.