Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lust in the Dust Redux: Western Romance Pulps Revisited

In celebration of our contest with Out West and in anticipation of our Grand Prize week, I'm reposting here one of my more popular Pulp Covers posts: Western Romance pulps. I just checked and I originally ran this post almost exactly a year ago: November 26, 2009.

There are no duplicate titles in here, save for one magazine, RANCH ROMANCES. That's because RANCH ROMANCES was the longest running of all pulps, lasting until 1971. (In the last year it was retitled RANCH ROMANCES AND ADVENTURES.) In honor of its longevity, I have included three of its covers throughout the years.

So keep these covers in mind when you go over to Pulp Writer tomorrow morning to check out the clue....that's all I'm gonna say....

Fighting Romances from the East and West, November 1925

Ranch Romances, August Number Two, 1931

Far West Romances, April 1932

Thrilling Ranch Stories, November 1933

Romantic Range, June 1937

Cowboy Romances, August 1937

Romantic Western, January 1938

Romance Roundup, May 1938

Rangeland Romances, May 1939

Ranch Romances, December 1941

North West Romances, Summer 1942

Lariat, January 1946

Rodeo Romances, April 1947

Golden West Romances, December 1949

Western Love Romances, February 1950

Romance Western, June 1950

Two Western Romances, Winter 1950

Romance Western Roundup, February 1951

Rangeland Love Stories, August 1951

Real Western Romances, December 1951

Fifteen Range Romances, September 1954

Ranch Romances, May 1966

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Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Gee, I'm feeling all gooey inside :}

Barry Traylor said...

I really like the art and the composition of the Cowboy Romances.

Ron Scheer said...

Great covers. Thanks. I suppose this genre lives on in the lust-in-the-dust paperback romances today.

Lana Gramlich said...

Romantic Range, the heart of the west. *LOL* Gads, what cheese.

bucko said...

Allure! Adventure! Makes cowboy life (and romance) look easy! Thanks for setting them all up for ogling.