Friday, November 26, 2010

Checking In

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was very nice - spent it with my best friend and her extended family down in Santa Monica. Lovely dinner and good company.

Today I hope to get some writing done - hope springs eternal, doesn't it? - and just enjoy the day. Tomorrow brings company: my friend Andrea and her 120-lb Rottweiler Kimbo, who is actually a very sweet dog. He and my dogs have already met and have gotten along well.

The cold weather has wreaked havoc on my outdoor plants up here in the "mountains." I went outside and found a lot of my perennials and some shrubs turning black and wilting from the cold. I spray them with Cloud Cover, a biodegrable spray that protects plants from excessive cold AND heat, but I'm afraid I may be a little late. Oh well, whatever dies will more than likely come back in the spring.

Is anyone shopping today? I tend to avoid Black Friday like the Black Death.

Also, don't forget to go over to the Pulp Writer web site to find the clue for this week's prize. The deadline has been extended to next Tuesday for those who are away this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend and, if you're traveling, have a safe journey home.

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Ron Scheer said...

Out in the desert for Thanksgiving weekend. It was 45 degrees this morning.

Sorry to hear about your plants; mine out here tend to shrivel up in the summer and then start recovering in late winter. Don't know why I didn't have it all put into cactus...

Deka Black said...

I have a wisdom tooth hurting. The thing is... enjoy the weekend, people ;D

Barry Traylor said...

Very nice Thanksgiving. I made my pineapple stuffing (this does not go in the bird) and everyone loves it. Ate too much and still feel stuffed.
My wife and I avoid Black Friday shopping like, well, the plague.
I'm a big fan of using Amazon that way the grandchildren's gift can get shipped direct to San Diego.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sleeping in and watching football for me.