Monday, October 25, 2010

A WEIRD TALES Film Bonanza On The Way

Meteor 17, a film production company, has, according to its Web site, obtained all of the media rights to WEIRD TALES collection of stories, graphics, and comic elements. A press release on their Web site says: "We are producing a series of science fiction, horror and fantasy direct to DVD movies, launching a genre web site, producing a television series, graphic novels, coffee table books, science fiction, horror and fantasy animation for youngsters, as well as a number of feature films, partnered with well known producers, directors and writers. Each of these platforms will contain hip contemporary music with accompanying soundtracks and downloads."

An ambitious project to be sure. I couldn't find a date of the press release to find out how current it is, but the bottom of the page indicates the page was created in 2010. You can read the entire press release here.

Considering how many film productions go, the appropriate WEIRD TALES cover might be this one.

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Walker Martin said...

I've read this before a few days ago and it certainly is ambitious. Weird Tales movies direct to dvd, a TV series, books,etc. But I've seen these projects flop before and all it takes is one poorly received dvd to kill the whole plan. The big question is do they have the money to see them through the rough beginning because a project like this will not be an instant bestseller. I wish them success but I'll be very surprised if this comes to life.

Barry Traylor said...

I agree with Walker regarding this. I do not think I shall hold my breath waiting. Also the sentence containing the news about having hip contemporary music bothers me a bit. Hope they don't mean Hip Hop.

Laurie Powers said...

Sometimes it's better to start out small. What makes me nervous is that they are planning on making the movies direct to DVD - to me, that seems that they would be cheaply made.

Anonymous said...

This press release scares me. Not just because the only thing they thought to mention about H.P. Lovecraft is that he supposedly inspired the game Dungeons & Dragons (what?!). Not because everything they mention seems to be a dumbing down of everything about Weird Tales that was great. Mainly because they seem to be trying to claim ownership to all stories and artwork ever published by Weird Tales, which is clearly and blatantly nonsense from a legal perspective. Most of the early work is well known to have had all copyrights expired and be in the public domain, usable by all. I expect these jokers will be threatening lawsuits against anyone trying to use any of those works themselves.