Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Speaking of Clark Ashton Smith....

....here are some links to some of his stories that were originally printed in WEIRD TALES.

His first story in WEIRD TALES: The Ninth Skeleton. (September 1928)

The Necromantic Tale
. (January 1931)

The Seed from the Sepulcher.(October 1933).

The Garden of Adompha. (April, 1938).

If you haven't figured it out yet, these all came from the same site: The Eldritch Dark: The Sanctum of Clark Ashton Smith. Nice little site to curl up with on these dark and dreary nights heading towards Halloween.

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Walker Martin said...

The Eldritch Dark is a great site not only for Clark Ashton Smith, but also for news of books about HP Lovecraft, Mythos fiction, etc. Check out the "Forum" for all sorts of interesting discussions.

Smith is one of my favorite WEIRD TALES authors. It's true he uses some difficult words now and then, but the overall atmosphere of many of his tales drip with terror and horror. I recommend any of the Zothique stories for bloodcurdling horror. There were around 16 of them.

Deka Black said...

First time i see a pic of the author. is like a mix of my two grandfathers! :D

Barry Traylor said...

Certain names of authors have a magic all their own for me cojuring up images of chills and mystery. Clark Ashton Smith is one of those names. There is an excellent chapter on Smith in E. Hoffman Price's wonderful memoir "Book Of The Dead". Anyone interested in the pulp fictioneering days as they were lived by Price owes to themselves to find a copy.

Chap O'Keefe said...

I'm following your and your learned friends' illuminating comments on WEIRD TALES with huge interest. I've never seen a copy of the original pulp, but made its acquaintance in the 1960s via the Pyramid paperback anthologies ghost-edited for Leo Margulies. Within a few short years, I'd amassed a creditable collection of anthologies drawing from the "The Unique Magazine."

Clark Ashton Smith was a big favorite. I found his stories reprinted in Robert A. W. Lowndes' MAGAZINE OF HORROR and STARTLING MYSTERY STORIES digests, and more comprehensively in Arkham House collections, which were reprinted in the UK by Neville Spearman in hardback and Panther Books in paperback.

Long ago, I had the temerity to write a short story set in Vyones, principal city of CAS' fictional province of Averoigne. I offered it to various fantasy mags, including one of the WT revivals. Besides "stealing" the author's settings, I tried to emulate his narrative style. Big mistake! No doubt considered beautiful back in the day (and by the devotees and myself), but the contemporary magazine editors saw it only as formal, wordy and indirect. I tired of the rejection slips and filed the story away.

One day the Averoigne yarn might see the light of day. As I mentioned recently, David Cranmer is publishing one of my weird-menace shorts for Halloween at Beat To A Pulp. Today he sent me a preview of the page, saying, "This is a damn fine story. Folks are going to enjoy OUTBACK GOTHIC." I'm hoping his confidence will be borne out!

Walker Martin said...

By the way, Night Shade Books is publishing all of Clark Ashton Smith's fantasy work in five volumes. The first four have been published and the fifth will be out soon. Amazon.com has them all at a discount. THE COLLECTED FANTASIES OF CLARK ASHTON SMITH has story notes and introductions also.

Charles Gramlich said...

CAS is such a powerful writer. I've never liked him as much as I liked Howard because I really like a lot of action, but for vocabulary and just sheer imagination he was top of the line.