Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pulp Writer Contest Begins Tomorrow!

At long last, the Pulp Writer contest begins tomorrow!! Sponsored by OutWest Western Boutique and Cultural Center, there will be FOUR different prizes awarded - one a week for four weeks, with the fourth prize being a GRAND PRIZE!!

What ARE the prizes, you are probably asking? Well, that's part of the FUN.

You will need to go to for the rules and information that will be posted tomorrow, November 1, 2010. So all of you who are addicted to THIS blog are going to have to go over there, even if I have to DRAG you over there.

As part of the contest, you're also going to get a chance to go over to the OutWest online store, so you can get an idea of how great a place it is.

So - tomorrow!! Enough of this Halloween stuff.

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Evan Lewis said...

Hot ziggity. I'll be there.

Rick said...

Hot ziggity. So will I.

Deka Black said...

Hot what' Anyway, i wish the prizes go to the right persons. And.. please, don't drag me. This shirt is brand new!

Ron Scheer said...

That's a one of a kind cover. Usually it's the heat of the action, not the aftermath. Thanks!

Barry Traylor said...

I shall follow the trail to pulpwriter.

Charles Gramlich said...

Looking forward to it.