Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Mask Hamburger Heaven

It's all about BLACK MASK today on the Internet, in honor of the release of the BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF BLACK MASK STORIES.

Walker Martin has written a fine piece that appears over at the Mystery File on his experiences collecting a complete run of BLACK MASK.

Evan Lewis over at Davy Crockett's Almanack has posted a couple of BLACK MASK covers.

Last Thursday, The New York Journal of Books posted one of the first reviews on the Black Lizard book.

On to other topics...

Buddies in the Saddle has posted Part 2 of his report on the Republic Pictures party.

David Cranmer over at The Education of a Pulp Writer has a wonderful photo posted of an upcoming arrival, and probably has the modern record of number of people that have commented on it. Go on over and check it out and leave a comment.

Paul Brazill over at You Would Say That Wouldn't You was recently featured in the Hartlepool Mail paper because he has been named one of Britain's best crime writers.

Randy Johnson over at Not the Baseball Pitcher has posted one of the first reviews of BEAT TO A PULP, ROUND ONE.

That's it for now. I take Xena back to the vet this morning for a check-up. Hopefully that tumor has decided to disappear - stranger things have happened.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Here's hoping for a clean bill of health for Xena.

Richard R. said...

also, Rick Robinson has a brief "New Arrivals" post which includes the Black Mask book.

Richard R. said...

I too have my fingers crossed for a good health report on Xena. I'm taking one of our cats, Charlotte, to the vet in a while for upper respiratory treatment. She's prone to it and we go through this 4-5 times a year.

Evan Lewis said...

Wow. That's a great BM piece by Walker, and the first of a series detailing the "ruination" of his life.

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks, Charles.

Rick, hope your cat pulls through ok.

Dave, Walker is certainly good at putting these essays together. I think he should write a book - a collector's memoir.

Barry Traylor said...

Thanks for posting the link for Walker martin's article about collecting Black Mask as I might have missed seeing it. His comment about the missing insured package of pulps reminds me of the time a package of 1920's Weird Tales I had bought from Rick Minter failed to show up and needless to say I was at wit's end worrying that I'd never see them. And was told by someone "why worry, they are insured". Egad I wanted to scream that the pulps are really harder to find than the money. Thank goodness they finally showed up!