Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weird Tales: The First Paul Powers Pulp Stories

To celebrate my interview today on Blog Talk Radio with Extreme Writing Now, here's a copy of the WEIRD TALES issues where Paul Powers sold his first stories to the pulps.

This first one is the June 1925 issue, that features Paul's story "Monsters of the Pit," on the cover.

The July 1925 issue has the very first story Paul Powers sold to the pulps: "The Death Cure." This issue also has "The Unnamable" By H.P. Lovecraft, "The Stranger from Kurdistan," by E. Hoffmann Price, and "Spear and Fang" by Robert E. Howard, among other stories. The cover artist is Andrew Brosnatch.

Even though "Monsters of the Pit" appeared first, "The Death Cure" was the first story sold. The magazine just chose the flip the order of their appearance for some reason.

Remember that if you can't listen to the live show today (3:45 Pacific / 6:45 Eastern) there will be a link posted later on this blog so you can listen to the recorded version. I don't know how long the interview will be; at first they said it would be ten minutes, but later a comment was made that it might last longer.

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David Cranmer said...

Paul Powers always keeps amazing company.

Deka Black said...

Amazing covers. And amazong magazine. Your grandfather makes me jealous. Featured in the cover of the Unique magazine. Ans then, in the issue featuring the first story ever published by Robert E Howard!

I'm waiting the link, by the way. I'm curious about how sounds your voice ;)

And about to listen you talk about your grandfather. Will be different of the blog ;)

Richard Prosch said...

How incredibly cool. I'd be tempted to enlarge either of these and hang them as framed prints in the new house.

Barry Traylor said...

Nice job Laurie. I tried to get in to make a comment but I guess I waited too long to register.
You did an excellent job of getting the word out about how much collection pulps can be.

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks David - yes he does, especially in the new Beat to a Pulp book. :) I put in a plug for the BTAP site on my interview but ran out of time before I could talk about the book.

Deka, I will post the link as soon as I get it. I babbled on so long they had to start playing the music - just like at the Oscars.

Yes, Rich - I have thought of that also.

Thanks Barry for tuning in. I had trouble with the Chat box at the end too - they said that's an issue with the web site they've been dealing with. I hope I covered enough.