Sunday, August 22, 2010

Link to Interview Today at Extreme Writing Now Radio Show

Hi everyone - hope you had a chance to listen to the interview on Blog Talk Radio today. If you didn't, here's the link to the archived show. In the middle of the web page, the player is set up and should automatically start. My part doesn't start until about ten minutes into the show. I'll have this link up on the sidebar for a while.

Funny...before the interview I was so nervous. But once I started talking, they couldn't get me to shut up. Eventually they had to start the wrap-up music to shut me up. Just like at the Oscars.

For those of you who haven't checked out Extreme Writing Now's web site, do so - it's a great resource for writers.

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Deka Black said...

Listening right now at 11:03 AM Spain time. Laurie, you have a wonderful voice. Clean, clear, and for a non-english speaker, easy to ndeerstand what you say.

Besides, seems you have fun!


Great interview - really enjoyed that and have subscribed via iTunes. Didn't previously know this podcast.

Walker Martin said...

Excellent interview Laurie. My only complaint is that it was too short. Plus the two hosts made a mistake thinking the going rate per word was a nickle. The vast majority of writers made anywhere from a fraction of a cent per word to usually one or two cents. A very few were paid the top rate of 5 cents. But overall I enjoyed the show.

TypingLikeTheWind-Yeah! said...

You are a natural! You should have a show of your own.

Ed Hulse said...

Nice interview, Laurie!

Laurie Powers said...

Glad you could listen, Deka. I love that you could understand me - another friend from Argentina is always complaining that he can't understand me. :)

Thanks, Archavist. IT does seem like a good group to know about.

Thanks, Walker. I know about the 5 cent issue - I was going to say something but as you know I didn't have a lot of time.

Thanks, Kimberly! Gee, my own show....hmmm....

Thank you Ed - it was fun to do and I was glad to represent the pulp 'family.'