Friday, July 30, 2010

Pulp Fest: Day One

Today was the first day of Pulp Fest, going on until Sunday at the Ramada Plaza in Columbus Ohio. It was a terrific day; a good turnout and a whole lotta really REALLY nice pulps laying around. This is a place where you can see some of the rarest pulps, like STRANGE SUICIDES, on the same rack as ADVENTURE and POPULAR and DIME DETECTIVE.

The day did not start out auspiciously for me. I set two alarms the night before for 6 AM. Or, at least I thought I had set two alarms. I woke up at ten minutes to eight. So for most of the day I had to deal with feeling rushed AND with jet lag.

But never mind, it's been wonderful catching up with everyone, including our regulars Walker Martin (who has been so wonderful in dragging people over to my table so they'll buy a copy of PULP WRITER) and Barry Traylor, Ed Hulse, Jack Irwin, Will Murray and so many others I am forgetting to mention because it's late.

I would like to send out again my condolences to Scott Hartshorn, who's father passed away just a few days ago while Scott was on his was to Pulp Fest. Only a few months ago, his mother passed. Scott is here, and it's probably a good thing. All of his friends as well as all of the treasures in this room will keep him occupied.

We had a TV cameraman from the local news station show up and take photos; we're hoping that it showed up on the local news tonight. Last year we had the same coverage and it brought a lot of people out to the convention.

I was on a panel tonight about the Western Pulp, along with Ed Hulse, William F. Nolan (The Guest of Honor and author of LOGAN'S RUN) and Don Hutchison (THE GREAT PULP HEROES). This year is the 90th anniversary of Max Brand's first appearance as a pulp writer in WESTERN STORY, so a lot of the discussion was about Max Brand. But I did get my two cents in about PULP WRITER and those lesser-known writers like Paul Powers. It was a great time.

Before our panel, Bill Nolan spoke about his writing career and how LOGAN'S RUN came about. A very entertaining speaker Nolan is, and he has tons of knowledge about the pulps. He is now working on a biography of Max Brand.

So far I have been very good in my pulp buying. I've bought a POPULAR - the October 1904 issue that has the first "Chip of the Flying U" story by B.M. Bower, a female western writer I am very interested in. I also picked up a wonderful WESTERN STORY, the October 12, 1929 issue that features a story by Cherry Wilson. I'm expecting that tomorrow I won't be as disciplined because I will realize that time is running away with me. As for Sunday when the dealers start slashing prices, forget it. I might as well clean out my savings account now.

That's it for now. I'm wiped out. More tomorrow!


Ron Scheer said...

Thanks for the report. Looking forward to your posting further about B. M. Bower. My "copy" on the first Chip will be ready for posting next week.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Strange Suicides has a grim appeal to me. I assume it didn't last long. Well, get some sleep and have fun.

Deka Black said...

First the first things:

You look wonderful in the photo, Laurie! ^^ really.

Second, since i know of Pulpfest, go there and be surrounded by other pulp collectors and readers and finally buy a The Spider issue is in my wishlist.

And finally. One doubt. How big is Columbus?

Laurie Powers said...

Ron, I'm interested in your report on the Chip story. I've read one already but it was a later story. Now I want to read them from the beginning.

Strange Suicides, I believe, only last two issues Bob.

Thank you Deka! Columbus is a pretty big city - around 750,000 people from what I gather. The capital of Ohio and the third largest city in the state. I didn't know any of this - thanks for forcing me to go look it up.

Charles Gramlich said...

Oh wow, sorry to hear about Scott's losses. That is very hard.

Deka Black said...

Thanks laurie. i ask because here in Spain only heard of the most famous places. And Ohio, well, here is not. 750.000 Is pretty big.

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Lana Gramlich said...

Sorry to hear about Scott's loss. Hope you're enjoying yourself, though!