Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pulp Fest: The Celebration Begins Today!

Pulp Fest is right around the corner - no, in fact, it's HERE, starting on Friday. I'll be flying out Thursday, although with the time difference I'll lose almost the entire day and won't get there until late at night. (Don't you hate that?)

I'm looking forward to this; besides the normal reunions with everyone, I'll also be on a panel Friday night on the Western pulp and will be around to see who wins the Munsey award on Saturday night. Although I was nominated (thank you to those who nominated me) I seriously doubt I'll win. There are far too many people nominated who have been involved in pulp publishing, writing, reprinting and research much longer than me and who really deserve the recognition. I am a newbie in this world, believe me. But it's been an incredible honor to be nominated.

For a complete run-down of the programming, go to the Pulp Fest website's programming page. I'll be posting reports during the weekend as I can. I think it's going to be a crazy weekend, though, so it might be sporadic.

Like last year, Ed Hulse has generously offered a space at his table so I can set up a place to sign and sell copies of PULP WRITER. So those of you who haven't gotten a copy yet, this will be your chance.

In celebration of Pulp Fest, here are some of my favorite covers that I've posted over the past year. I'll post half today and half tomorrow. Forgive me for not posting the dates and the artists; not only am I trying to get ready for Pulp Fest, I'm moving in a week AND I'm working my day job. So give me a break.

Enjoy, everyone!


Walker Martin said...

This is what I like to hear! A true and enthusiastic response to this great summer pulp convention. This was the way I felt from the very first convention in 1972 and I still feel that great buzz every book collector gets when faced with a dealer's room of 100 tables packed full of books and such great pulp titles as you just posted above.

Four days every collector/reader dreams about and I see it also as a big 4 day party blast off. This is one of the few times each year when I exceed my 3 beer limit in the hospitality room. For non drinkers there will be plenty of snacks and sodas.

I'll be arriving in time for dinner on Thursday. Laurie, if you are an early riser, come down and join us for breakfast at 7:00 am on Friday. By us I mean guys you know like Ed, Scott, me,etc.

Collectors/readers, start your engines and loosen your wallets! PulpFest is here!

Charles Gramlich said...

I've been intending for many years to make Pulp fest one of these times. I bet I'd just go into overload. I might end up buying more than I could carry home.

Richard R. said...


I have no doubt the panel will go swimmingly, and hope you have good hunting in the book room. I'm already eager to read your report(s) during or when you return.

Deka Black said...

Have a great time, and good luck in the awards. Being nominee already is agreat thing ;)

And good luck also with the moving!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Have fun. Wish I was going but instead I will be at the Traverse City Film Festival.

Ron Scheer said...

Will be thinking about you. Have a great time. Best thing about conferences is getting together with like-minded people.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I think you'll win. People like new blood and your work is excellent. What's not to like?

Laurie Powers said...

Walker, I'll try to show up for breakfast. Best not to try to have conversation, though, until I've had my coffee. 7 o'clock?! In the morning?!

Charles, that's pretty much the goal - that's why they offer a shipping service. :)

Thanks, Rick, Deka and Ron: I hope to have good reports for everyone as well.

Patti, your festival sounds pretty darn good too. Have fun.

Bob, thanks for the kind words. You just say that because you won the Wild West Weekly.

黃湘嬌 said...


donjorge said...

Hello Laurie,
Estoy seguro de que conoces los pulps de Street & Smith cuyo personaje era Pete Rice. Fueron 32 novelas (issues) de las que 30 se editaron en España. También hay aventuras de Pete Rice en algunas revistas Wild West Weekly. Yo soy coleccionista y estudioso de la novela popular (pulp) y nunca he conseguido ver las portadas (covers) de las ediciones originales de Pete Rice.
¿Podrías publicar dichas portadas o decirme en que página web se pueden encontrar?
Te agradezco tu atención.
Un abrazo,