Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hump Day Hamburger Heaven

The new Pulp Writer site has been getting lots of attention and compliments all over the web now. Thanks to wonderful fellow bloggers out there, it's been mentioned at the following sites:

Writing With Style. Melissa is a frequent contributor here and I so appreciate her enthusiasm over learning about pulp fiction. She also brings up in her post an idea of starting up a fiction magazine in the style of the old pulps. Now before you say, "Ok, that's being done all over the place right now," yes it is - but most of these magazines seem to be targeted to male readers with a focus on science fiction, adventure, zombies, etc. Melissa is talking about starting up a magazine targeted towards that other 51% of the population. Who would that be???/ Oh yeah - WOMEN!!!! I love this idea. It has definitely put a BEE in my BONNET.

Dave Lewis over at Davy Crockett's Almanack says some very nice things about the web site here. He's also bought a copy of "Murder on the Hoof" and I'm anxious to hear his remarks.

Bish's Beat also heralded the new site here. Paul Bish is a successful novelist and all around great guy with a very popular blog, so I'm flattered and pleased that he would post something about Pulp Writer.

Don't forget that Saturday is the National Day of the Cowboy. The Autry Museum is sponsoring what looks like a helluva a shindig on Saturday - here's the info. All kinds of presentations, food, crafts and fun will be around. I love how the museum put this post on the page:

The Autry encourages visitors to dress for the occasion. However, NO firearms of any kind are permitted on the property.

How can a cowboy be a cowboy without his .45??? Seriously, it sounds like the Autry knows how people in L.A. can be - a little TOO enthusiastic about dressing in costume.

The Sherriff's Posse will be there all day as well (probably to make sure that everyone follows the rule mentioned above).

Sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately I will be home, digging up plants. But I WILL be honoring the Day of the Cowboy by having the drawing for the Wild West Weekly issue. I'm going to make my friend Karen be the one to pull the name out of the cowboy hat.

One last news item: Annie's had a horrible week. First she was limping for a few days, which happens occasionally with her as she has a weak joint in her front left leg. When this happens, she has to have complete rest. No exercise whatsoever. Which means that I have to cut down her food so she doesn't get any fatter than she already is. So not only is she limping, she's hungry.

She's also getting bored. She's getting so bored that she's started to do what she does best: chew and lick obsessively. She's done this since she was a puppy: one day I came home to find that she had actually licked the CARPET until there was a HOLE in it. Now, she has started to chew on her tail to the point that it's bleeding. No, she doesn't have fleas either, because they just got their meds. She's done this before; after the last trip to the vet, they told me she needed her tail shaved and gave me an antibiotic cream, that'll be $400 please. So now I do it myself with hydrogen peroxide and store bought antibiotic. Which works long as you don't leave her alone too long. Today I came back from an appointment to find her tail worse than ever. Here's Annie now......

The good news is that her limping is almost gone and she's definitely happier. Although I don't think she was too happy when I started to take the photos below...maybe it was because I was laughing so hard I was crying. William Wegman, move over.


Walker Martin said...

I see August 21 the Dodgers will be having their first Bark in the Park game. You should take your dogs to this game. I've been to a couple at the Trenton Thunder minor league stadium and a good bark was had by all.

Laurie Powers said...

I didn't even know about this Walker. I'm going to check it out - thanks! I'll tell Annie she gets to go - that'll make her feel better. :)

Deka Black said...

Aw, poor Annie, hope she gets better soon! I cant'tstand a dog suffering :(

About the project of this "pulp for women" well, i'mg lad, actually. More to choose from. And there is no need to be a woman to read it, right? ;)

Richard R. said...

Terrible news about Annie, wonderful photos and of course great happiness about the success of the website.

Laurie Powers said...

Ha ha, Deka. Yes, women are dispensible. I forgot.

Thanks for all the well wishes for Annie. I wouldn't feel too bad - she is definitely on the mend and she only has to wear the cone when I can't supervise her. But it's been a tough week for both of us so far.

Ron Scheer said...

Will have to miss the celebrating at the Autry. Will be heading back to the desert for a few days or until the heat drives us back to town.

There's going to be a live band for dancing, but not two-step. Otherwise, I'd be there with my boots on, leaving the .45 at home, of course. Anyway, don't forget to drop by Buddies in the Saddle for the observation of the Big Day there.

Don't know whether to laugh or cry about Annie. She has certainly mastered the ole "hang-dog" look. I've got a canine who's got that one down pat, too.

Lana Gramlich said...

I'm sorry to hear about Annie. She DOES look horribly undignified, poor thing!

Barry Traylor said...

When one of our pets are under the weather it makes me sad and I feel the way I did when my children were young and felt bad with a cold. I wanted so much to make them feel better and when they were quite young they looked at their mother and I with a look of sadness much like the look in Annie's eyes.
Sending Good Karma your way for Annie.

Charles Gramlich said...

Poor thing. Hope you can get that off soon. Glad to hear about all the great stuff going on with the pulp site.

Melissa Marsh said...

Oh, Laurie, if ONLY we could start this magazine up somehow! And I would love to just target men AND women - something with that flavor for the Golden Era.

Your poor pup! The last photo made me chuckle, though.

Thanks for the kind words. :-)

Chap O'Keefe said...

Laurie, The new Pulp Writer site also gets a mention in the next Black Horse Extra. Coincidentally, I put together a Hoofprint yesterday, illustrated with one of the Sonny Tabor Wild West Weekly covers. But BHE doesn't have the immediacy of a blog, of course, appearing only on a quarterly basis. So much "western" is now available on the Net I sometimes wonder whether we need it any more. Times change!

Laurie Powers said...

That's great news about the BHW, Keith. I'm not familiar with the Hoofprint - is this something I should know about?