Saturday, June 26, 2010

Latest Paul Powers Book News

PULP WRITER is now on Kindle. Finally!!! You can go and download your copy of PULP WRITER right now for $9.99 here.

As for DESERT JUSTICE, Leisure Books holds the electronic rights to this book, but according to my agent, Jon Tuska, Leisure has no immediate plans to turn DESERT JUSTICE into an electronic book.

I was really disappointed to hear this, because I think DESERT JUSTICE is the perfect candidate for an e-book. And with the paperback now out of print, there is no other way to get it other than through private sellers on Amazon. I do have a couple of copies in my private inventory, but there aren't that many left.

Maybe if enough people complained, Leisure Books would change their mind. You think?!

We will very shortly have two new short stories available for download on the PULP WRITER Web site. One is a new short story Western entitled "Murder on the Hoof," and the other is a new Sonny Tabor story, "By the Neck Until Dead." I'm right now still working the kinks out with my Web designer to get the online store set up - these things always take longer than you originally plan. I hope to have them both up by the beginning of next week.

So hang tight everybody!!


Evan Lewis said...

I'm here... hanging by the neck until I can download one of those WWW stories.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'll have to make sure this is on the list for my next order.

Deka Black said...

And again, i pray for my money situation improves. I need a E-book reader (mostly for material in PDF and other formats). And for the online store, , i suggest you call it "E-Newstand" or "spinning rack". Something like that.

Oh, put me second in the queue after Evan

Anyway, my best wishes for you in this affair. ;)

David Cranmer said...

If I didn't already have PULP WRITER I'd be downloading it asap. And a new Sonny Tabor yarn is worth cheering about.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I'll be there. I have and have read both Pulp Writer and Desert Justice and look forward to the short stories.

Ron Scheer said...

That's good news about Pulp Writer. I found a copy at the local branch of the LAPL. It opened up this whole subject for me. Thanks.

Is that Jon Tuska of the Encyclopedia of Frontier and Western Fiction? I just ordered a copy.

Laurie Powers said...

Evan, it's coming...I'm prodding my web designer with an electric prod as we speak.

Thanks, Charles and David.

You and me both, Deka. I don't have an e-book reader yet either. How does "Online Book Store" sound? Boring? I might change it - I like your idea of E-newstand.

Hi Ron, yes, it's the same Jon Tuska. He's published several anthologies of pulp Westerns over the years too. I don't have the Encyclopedia, but I do have The Frontier Experience: A Reader's Guide that he did.


It's great to see all this coming out on ebook.

Deka Black said...

Thanks. Is only a idea. The web and choice is yours, of ciurse ;)

Ron Scheer said...

I've just realized that Jon Tuska wrote an appreciation of Dane Coolidge for a recent reprint of one of his novels. I've been interested in him and will post some comments and a book review in a few days. Haven't read Tuska yet on Coolidge, but he's in the pipeline.