Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hump Day Hamburger Heaven

Posting is going to be sporadic for the next few weeks, folks. Found out yesterday that if I want to take advantage of the offer dangled by the new owner of this house - namely Cash For Keys - I have to agree to move out in 30 days. Haven't agreed to it yet; I'm waiting to see how much green stuff they dangle in front of my eyes. But the only other option is waiting out the eviction process, an option that even sounds unsavory. So I've got to get busy.

Here are some good posts out there today:

Bookgasm has a review of To Hell on a Fast Horse: Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and the Epic Chase to Justice in the Old West by Mark Lee Gardner.

Bill Crider's Pop Culture Magazine has a link to 75 Years of Penguin on Interesting history plus some great covers from over the years.

Pulp of the Day has a great cover of Ian Fleming's GOLDFINGER on display today.

The Creative Penn is a new stop for me with all kinds of tips for writing, publishing and promoting your book.

Anybody who hasn't bookmarked Brian Solomon's Lots of Pulp...well, you really need to. He's got a fantastic ACE-HIGH DETECTIVE cover up today, but they are always good.

If you're trying to think of ways to market yourself and/or your books, nowadays you need to think about your whole "image." (I hate using the word "branding" in a corporate perspective, but then there you have it.) If you're interested in marketing, or even if you're not but you're employed by someone who pays you to be interested, then it's worth your while to go over to Brass Tack Thinking and check out their columns. Today's is great: it's called How to Be An Expert Without Being An Ass.

Golden Age Comic Book Stories has a post up today with scans from a copy of A SONG OF THE ENGLISH by Rudyard Kipling with illustrations by W. Heath Robinson. One thing about this blog: the posts they have are marvelous, but some of us have noted that when they post pulp covers, many times the covers are "cleaned up," i.e., altered using Photoshop or some other photo software. The covers are way too clean and sometimes even the feature stories that usually are advertised on the covers are deleted. Personally, I don't like that, and now it makes ALL of their posts suspect in my eyes. Maybe I'm too much of a purist, but I believe in keeping things real, not perfect.

That's all for now. It's on to work, vet appointments and craig's list.


David Cranmer said...

Best of luck, Laurie. My fingers are crossed this all breaks in your favor.

Melissa Marsh said...

Oooh, love the Goldfinger cover!

Hope things work out with the house.

Charles Gramlich said...

Good luck with whatever you decide to do with the house.

Ron Scheer said...

Thanks for the tips. The "How to Be an Expert" is wise advice. As someone said, "20% of what I'm going to tell you is wrong. Problem is, I can't tell you which 20% it is."

The Billy the Kid review makes that book sound like a must-read.

Cash for Keys sounds like a game show. Here's hoping you win big. (Any chance you've got a lawyer friend with some advice?)

Deka Black said...

First of all: Good luck. Im crossing fingers 24/7 for you.

Second: "How to Be An Expert Without Being An Ass.", well, is a very funny sentence if you translate it to Spanish. I can't stop chuckle like a little kid ^^

And again, good luck!

Laurie Powers said...

Thanks, all!

Ron: Cash for Keys: a game show where if you lose, the sherriff shows up. See, I'm keeping my sense of humor. I've been doing some research to see what my options are.

On to packing...