Monday, April 26, 2010

Pulp Cover Day: Adventure Magazine, 1910-1920

At the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention this weekend, one of the highlights was a celebration of the 100th anniversary of ADVENTURE magazine. Because I couldn't go to the convention, I thought I'd do a little celebrating of my own. Here are some of my favorite covers from the first decade of ADVENTURE's existence: 1910-1920.

December, 1910.
April, 1911

August, 1911

April 1913

October 1913

March 1916

November 3, 1917

February 18, 1918

April 18, 1918

July 18, 1919

September 3, 1920

October 18, 1920

December 18, 1920


David Cranmer said...

Some sharp covers. The ship and woman with dog are my favorites.

Barry Traylor said...

Lovely covers. My favorites would be the parrot cover and the September 3,1920.

Charles Gramlich said...

My favorite is the ship heeled way over in the wind.

Evan Lewis said...

Yow! All nice. Especially the pirates.

Walker Martin said...

Two of these covers are still around as original cover paintings: Oct 18, 1920 and Dec 18, 1920. In fact, the Oct 18, 1920 cover was in the art exhibit at the Windy City Convention in Chicago.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Am I the only one who got the dating service spam? I like the covers more. Thanks for the fine report, Walker.

Laurie Powers said...

i think my favorite is the 1911 ship cover. Great colors.